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[ADMIN POST] We Stand With Minzy: An Opinion Piece

So, here we are again. Another day, another battle Minzy is forced to wage. For those of you who don’t know, Minzy has been revealed to be fighting for the termination of her contract with Music Works. Funny, I actually thought Minzy was waiting for the contract to expire. This makes me wonder how long said contract was for. Nonetheless, it warms my heart to see Minzy fighting for herself. Continue reading

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[INSTAGRAM] MINZY TV 015 Teaser (November 19, 2019)

[CAPTION] Minzy TV ep 15 teaser
An-dong town road

Sorry for my late post!
I went to Andong city with my family at Chu-seok.
Episode will be coming next week! 🙂 #minzytv #ep15 #andong #Andong

Source: Minzy’s Instagram

[INSTAGRAM] Simply Elegant In White (November 7, 2019)

[CAPTION] Dazzling dress by @rosasposa_choimyung
Sensuous studio at @pentagraphy_studio

Love is beautiful and that beauty becomes everyone’s miracle. Congratulations @kongshine153
Love is beautiful
And that beauty is everyone’s miracle❤️ #congratulations @kongshine153

Source: Minzy’s Instagram