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[VIDEO] Lovely MV

Tagalog Version:

Links to purchase/stream Minzy’s song Lovely:

MelOn — https://t.co/UmQDjGtKRl
Genie — https://t.co/XaCA8FGGyj
Naver VIBE — https://t.co/12ayBACQ6f
Bugs — https://t.co/4CCoazvxXY
Soribada — https://t.co/g5IxQkm8FO
iTunes — https://t.co/1tS4mhK2uu
Spotify — https://t.co/yl6qU3IeNA
Deezer — https://t.co/BWHu82HFix
Tidal — https://t.co/WsNw98F6AY
Pandora — https://t.co/2mviqpUNN1

Tagalog Version:
Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/ph/album/lovely-tagalog-version-single/1540703215
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/5SznMsyN6UKdNgVinTZSbL?si=2QCfMXM5S4eJJqBwqERdUA&nd=1
Deezer: https://www.deezer.com/us/album/186905862?utm_campaign=clipboard-generic&utm_content=album-186905862&utm_medium=desktop&utm_source=user_sharing&deferredFl=1

Source: Minzy TV

[INSTAGRAM] Minzy’s Jump Rope Challenge Pictorial (November 25, 2020)

[CAPTION] Hope-jump rope challenge by hunger saver, an international relief organization.
I’m happy to be part of hunger saver.
I think I can do double under jumps. How about you? can you do triple under?
If you want to show us your jump roping skills, please join in the hope-jumprope challenge.
you can save Madagascar children’s lives and we will give you extra gifts.

check out my IGTV, @hungersaver@jumprope_challenge account.

[CAPTION] Gong Minji, an international relief organization’s ambassador for hunger measures

Singer Gong Minji became a goodwill ambassador for hunger!
Let’s do the jump rope challenge together!
Check @hungersaver and @jumprope_challenge account for more information! 🙂

Source: mz.ent.official|Minzy’s Instagram

[ARTICLE] EXCLUSIVE: MINZY On K-Pop World Domination, Her Dream Filipino Collab, And Her Fashion & Beauty Staples

The K-Pop superstar has just released the Filipino version of her single “Lovely”

There’s no getting around it: K-Pop has taken over the world. Over the past decade, a slow and steady build to the craze began with groups like 2NE1, Wonder Girls, Big Bang, Super Junior, and Girls’ Generation. Today, BLACKPINK and BTS dominate the international scene, while groups like TWICE and Red Velvet continue the legacy of the acts that came before them.

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