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[TRANSLATION] MINZY QUEENZY (Nylon Magazine May 2017)

It’s been 8 years since your debut, and I feel you’re enjoying shooting.
That might be because I loved to take pictures. Before, there was a lot of weight placed on looking strong, but now I feel loose. Even when I look at pictures, I look more comfortable.

I was surprised to confirm your age. I thought you were older.
Yep. I’m a fresh 24 year old. Everyone says I look older.

I hear a lot of people call you mature.
(Looks at me) They say I’m forty years old….

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[TRANSLATION] MINZY At Her First Japan Fan Meeting (LiveEN)

[Tokyo Reporter – Toshiki Aoyama] The first Japanese performance of Gong Minzy, who left 2NE1 to go solo, was held on May 5th, Children’s Day, at Tokyo Hitotsubashi Hall.

As Minzy appeared on the stage to perform “NINANO”, which was released last April, a huge roar echoed from the crowd.

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