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[INSTAGRAM] Minzy’s Bare Face Secret (September 8, 2019)

[CAPTION] Makeup craftsman @daesikson Son oppa has made a recipe for a miraculous vanishing #BareCream that’s already sold out!! Omo~ I have to buy this😳 @gesgep #gesgep #TestimonyCream #MircaleCream#MoisturizingCream
Amazing make-up artist @daesikson made this miracle cream.
There is no need for words.. Just try💅🏻

Source: Minzy’s Instagram

[INSTAGRAM] Minzy At 10 Corso Como Seoul (August 30, 2019)

[CAPTION] @apartmentary At Sojin unnie’s invitation, I went to @10corsocomoseoul^__^ Good stories were shared among good people~ Since we talked about a good product at @tangentgc_korea, on a good note, it’s my type🎵 Nowadays, the trendy YUZU (Yuja scent) is my style🎵 It’s been so long since I’ve had such a good time~~🎵 I had a good time with my fantabulous friends @realericnam @bettieyoon at #10corsocomoseoul. I fell in love with this @tangentgc_korea YUZU scent. MUST HAVE! 💕

Source: Minzy’s Instagram/qotnsgml4545