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[INSTAGRAM] Minzy With Prince Jin (October 16, 2017)

A/N: Prince Jin was the MC for Minzy’s Weibo Live session.

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[INSTAGRAM] Minzy Coming To Weibo (October 16, 2017)

[CAPTION] #Repost @official_minzy_pos
[NOTICE #공민지]
Time for heart pounding communication between Minzy and fans!
Meet Minzy on Weibo live on October 16th at 9PM♥
If you have any questions for Minzy, please leave a comment on Weibo
#CommunicatingWithMinzy #Together #Fans #Great

Source: Minzy’s Instagram

[INSTAGRAM] Minzy Shows She Cares (October 14, 2017)

[CAPTION] Yesterday, I went to a gala party held by Seoul Senior Welfare Center and Korea Legacy. Korea Legacy is currently doing a worthwhile job helping the elderly by visiting them and helping their daily lives providing glasses/shoes polishing service, self-operated food service and etc. It also donates profits to the Seoul Senior Welfare Center.

It became a great occasion to do such a valuable job, while enjoying a party with celebrities, wearing a tuxedo and dress, just as in the United States, where large charity fundraiser parties are often held. It became a great opportunity to bring new culture of donation in Korea. All profits from tickets to this party is forwarded to the Seoul Senior Welfare Center.

You may be hesitant to love your neighbors, or you may be approaching it difficult. But from the very moment that you are interested in them and embracing the heart, the seed of love already begins to bud.

All What we enjoy, see, have, hear, and realize are simply not what our generation has had “from birth”. Everything is possible because of someone’s sacrifice, someone’s devotion and someone’s love. If we live with joy in gratitude, share our heart, sympathize and live together, the light of passionate love will shine on everyone’s life to make the world more beautiful.

Mark’s comment:

Really, thank you for coming!

Source: Minzy’s Instagram