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[TRANSLATION] Today’s Gong Minji (Nylon Magazine July 2020)

Today’s Gong Minji

Today’s Gong Minji isn’t interested in the best. Instead, she says that she can do anything.

You couldn’t take your eyes off the puppy on the set today.
I really like puppies. I have a small poodle as a pet. The dog I met today is a big dog, so I was amazed and glad to see it. (Laughs.)

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[TRANSLATION] Gong Minji “I Usually Prefer The ‘Lovely’ Style, I’ve Found My True Self” (Interview ②)

(Following Interview ①) Singer Gong Minji, who has strong performances, a colorful rap and outstanding vocal skills, has made a comeback to the music industry with her new song “Lovely,” which shows her long-standing inner workings.

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[TRANSLATION] Gong Minji “A 3 Year Hiatus, Continued False Hope…I Was Worried About The Fans Leaving” (Interview ①)

Singer Gong Minji has made her first comeback in more than three years with her new single ‘Lovely.’ Gong Minji, who came back with a lovely gift like a gift to fans with her own voice, announced a real new start.

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[TRANSLATION] Minzy’s Interview For JUSKY Magazine (June 28, 2016)


[JUKSY GIRL] Don’t Call Me Maknae, I Am My Own Goddess – Minzy, Gong Minji

“In the heart of an icy queen lies an adorable girl” was my first impression of Minzy. This is Minzy’s first time meeting the media after her departure from 2NE1. “This atmosphere’s too strong!”, exclaimed the staff present when the cameras were on Minzy, capturing her superior gaze. The moment the cameras were off, she became like a humble little girl, smiling and bowing continuously to the people around her.

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[TRANSLATION] Minzy’s Message To Blackjack Nolza On 2NE1’s 4th Anniversary In Japan (September 21, 2015)

[CAPTION] “Hello! It’s been a long time! It’s Minzy! Everyone, I miss you all. Japanese Blackjacks~ It’s already 2NE1’s 4th JP debut anniversary and that’s thanks to your love. Right now!! I want to run to you and show you all my dance of love ^^;; Can you feel my love for you all? I really miss you all. I love you~ Thank you for being w/us for 4 years! The times when you shook the light stick with love, holding each others’ hand and singing together, I really appreciate that^^ That’s very important to me. Thank you for always being with us. I’m very grateful~❤ I love you all!!” 1442856207276 1442856256356

Source: yodonsen1993
Translation: XXIKJOP (1 2 3 4 5 6)