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[ARTICLE] Yang Hyun Suk Says He’s Missed 2NE1 During Recent Girl Group Comeback Battle


YG Entertainment founder Yang Hyun Suk recently sat down for a candid interview with Korean news outlet Daily Sports at his newly opened restaurant in Hongdae. While many of the interview questions relate to BIGBANG as well as his private life and career, he also has the opportunity to talk about YG’s flagship female group 2NE1 as well as the company’s successful male group WINNER.

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[ARTICLE] YG Mentions 2NE1 In His New Book (April 5, 2014)

Yang Hyun Suk believes that 2NE1 will be an artist like BIGBANG, to be active for 9 to 10 years. However, his visions on 2NE1 isn’t just limited to 9 to 10 years, but further away. “I feel that it’s a very beautiful thing to be able to produce music till the age 60 years old, just like Madonna. This is what a real artist should be, to produce music till the day you die, isn’t it?” No matter the reason, it’s fresh to try this idea out with groups and not solo artists. As of now, globally, not many groups had tried this idea out except for a small number. However, if it’s successful, this is going to mark a new history in the entertainment industry.

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[ARTICLE] Yang Hyun Suk Never Fails: 2015 Will Be the Year of YG!

[스포츠조선=이정혁 기자] It’s the golden days of YANG HYUN SUK.

These days, the success stories of Mr. Yang, the main producer of YG ENTERTAINMENT, are a buzzword in the entertainment industry. For years, he has been considered a successful producer, who has helped BIGBANG, 2NE1, WINNER, AKDONG MUSICIAN and other YG artists establish themselves as top-notch musicians. And now, he has become an envy of many, as YG has managed to expand into other industries, not just confined to entertainment business. Continue reading

YG Entertainment Partners Up With Chinese Group QQ Music

On December 2nd, artists under YG Entertainment attended a press conference held in Hong Kong to officially announce the collaboration between YG Entertainment and Tencent’s QQ Music.

QQ is one of the most widely used instant messaging platform for the Chinese, and since YG Entertainment is one of the top 3 entertainment companies in South Korea with the largest number of hip hop artists, the partnership between the two big companies of Korea and China brings great significance.

With the collaboration, QQ now has the rights to provide an exclusive music streaming service of YG Family artists’ songs, bringing quality music to the Chinese audience. The two groups also hope that this move will be a stepping stone for future developments, providing new possibilities for the growth of YG Entertainment’s artists, as well as a hope for increased collaboration between the Korean and Chinese music industries. YG Entertainment’s representative also announced that they are planning to create a new program with Tencent, providing a platform to discover and develop music talents.

A new homepage was launched celebrating the collaboration, which is the exclusive official site that plays the music videos of the songs by YG Family artists for Chinese nationals.

Artists under YG Entertainment include Epik High, 2NE1, BIGBANG, PSY, Lee Hi, Akdong Musician, WINNER, and iKON. The artists who represented the company to attend the press conference in Hong Kong were BIGBANG’s GD and Taeyang, WINNER’s leader Kang Seungyoon, and iKON’s Bobby. While iKON’s B.I was also invited to the press conference, he was not present for the event and made an appearance with Bobby through a video on screen instead. GD also uploaded a friendly photo taken with his labelmates onto his Instagram and Weibo accounts.

Tencent QQ (more popularly known as QQ) is a messaging service that has evolved to incorporate many elements of a microblog and beyond with services including online games, shopping, music, and group chat. The Tencent group has recently been looking to expand the music aspect of its platform and has actively pursued partnerships with large music companies. Since October, Tencent has announced that it has reached copyright agreement with big name labels such as JVR, Huayi Music, Warner Music, and most recently YG Entertainment, in hopes of creating a platform that will span across Korea, Taiwan, Europe, Hong Kong, and China.

Although the financial value of the agreement between Tencent and YG Entertainment was not disclosed, it is speculated to be of an high amount since artists of the South Korean label are extremely popular in other parts of Asia. Meanwhile, SM Entertainment and Chinese search engine Baidu also announced their partnership earlier this year.

According to Senior Vice President Tang Daosheng, Tencent aims to create an open platform with these new copyright agreements that links the QQ Microblogging site, QQ video games, QQ video, and other online platforms to television, stereos, car radio, and even smart homes, with music at the core of their digital music ecosystem.

YG Entertainment also recently partnered with Yuehua Entertainment, which is based in Beijing, to debut the new boy group UNIQ.

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment’s CEO Yang Hyun Suk recently made an apology for the mishandling of YG’s scandals, while two new hip hop groups under YG’s Hiphop Project have just emerged from the label.


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YG-Samsung Cheil Industries’ NONAGON Sold Out In 3 Days

[스타뉴스 문완식 기자] YG Entertainment and Samsung Cheil Industries’ co-founded Natural9’s new global young street casual brand NONAGON saw its clothes being sold out in just 3 days of its launch of pop-up store.

According to YG on Sept 15, NONAGON opened its store at Apgujeong’s Galleria Department Store on Sept 12, the stock sold out completely on Sept 14. The storage was filled with items for two weeks, but as the pile disappeared in 4 days, it proved NONAGON’s power among consumers.

The most-loved item was NONAGON’s representative bomber jacket with embroidery of a tiger, selling out in just a single day.

Apart from this, the display at the store of a nonagon-shaped cage with tiger objects, and the skull that is a collabo with Swarovski, attracted much attention from little kids and their parents. Inquiries on the items poured in while interests for the brand only heightened.

At the store, YG artists’ show pieces that they actually worn are on display, which provides another source of entertainment for the visitors.

The event attracted even more attention as LVMH’s Asian head Andrew Wu and Hong Kong’s famous brand I.T’s head Sham Kar Wai personally paid a visit to the store on the first day of the launch.

The launching party, held on Sept 11, accommodated YG’s Executive Producer YANG HYUN SUK, CEO YANG MIN SUK and the head of Samsung Cheil Industries Lee Seo Hyun, while YG’s artists like PSY, BIGBANG, EPIK HIGH, 2NE1, CHA SEUNG WON, CHOI JI WOO, and BOBBY attended the event as well.

NONAGON will move on to Italy’s Milan at 10 Corso Como headquarter and I.T in Shanghai and Hong Kong. From Sept 19, Korean consumers will see pop-up stores at 10 Corso Como Cheongdam and Avenual while from Sept 26 at BEAKER Cheongdam and Hannam, creating a fashion sensation in the South Korean market.

Source: YG-Life

Louis Vuitton to Invest $80 Million in K-Pop Culture Factory YG Entertainment

Louis Vuitton is getting into the K-Pop business. The world’s largest luxury brand’s private equity arm, LVMH, announced Wednesday it will invest up to $80 million in South Korea’s YG Entertainment Inc., the record label and talent agency behind some of the genre’s largest acts.

Among others, YG Entertainment represents K-pop hit-makers PSY, Big Bang, 2NE1, Epik High, Lee Hi and Akdong Musician, as well as a roster of Korean actors, boasting a market value of $690 million as of Wednesday’s closing. With the two companies currently discussing opportunities for strategic partnership, as Reuters reports, this new investment stands to accelerate YG’s expansion into the fashion business.

Previously YG announced it would be teaming up with Samsung Group’s textile and fashion affiliate, Cheil Industries, on an apparel line called NONA9ON (pronounced ‘nonagon’) that’s set to launch Sept. 9. It was also announced last year the company would enter the cosmetics business, establishing a firm with Chinese makeup company Huanya Group in a joint venture through the South Korean company Coson Co Ltd.

LVMH’s private equity branch L. Capital Asia will invest 61 billion won ($60 million) in 1.35 million convertible preferred shares, priced at KRW 44,900. And, according to a YG report, the entities are in negotiations to acquire another $20 million of shares from YG founder and largest shareholder, former K-pop star Yang Hyun-suk. If that deal goes through, it will be YG’s second-largest shareholder.

YG and LVMH has worked together previously on the YG-managed rapper-producer G-Dragon‘s debut solo album in 2009 when Louis Vuitton signed on as the clothing sponsor to the project.

Source: Billboard

YG, hand in hand with LVMH: attracts 61.1b won investment

[조이뉴스24 장진리기자] World-renowned luxury brand Louis Vuitton made the decision to invest KRW 61.6 billion in YG Entertainment.

YG Entertainment announced on August 20 it will sell new shares that adds up to KRW 61.1 billion to the investment fund arm (private equity fund unit) of luxury brand group LVMH, L Capital Asia.

YG Entertainment commented it will issue 1.35 million convertible preferred shares, priced at KRW 44,900, through a third-party allotment with L Capital Asia. The fund is also in the middle of negotiation to acquire additional shares worth $20 million (KRW 20.4 billion) in YG. YG is to announce further details as soon as the deal is finalized in a shareholders’ meeting.

For this, third-party distributors receive a portion of the trailer fees associated with mutual fund sales for acquiring new business. While improving the financial structure within the company, YG is also paving the way for expanding its fashion business and other fields globally by going hand in hand with LVMH that has many world-renown fashion brands under its umbrella.

Source: YG-Life