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[INSTAGRAM] Minzy’s Bare Face Secret (September 8, 2019)

[CAPTION] Makeup craftsman @daesikson Son oppa has made a recipe for a miraculous vanishing #BareCream that’s already sold out!! Omo~ I have to buy this😳 @gesgep #gesgep #TestimonyCream #MircaleCream#MoisturizingCream
Amazing make-up artist @daesikson made this miracle cream.
There is no need for words.. Just try💅🏻

Source: Minzy’s Instagram

[INSTAGRAM] Minzy At 10 Corso Como Seoul (August 30, 2019)

[CAPTION] @apartmentary At Sojin unnie’s invitation, I went to @10corsocomoseoul^__^ Good stories were shared among good people~ Since we talked about a good product at @tangentgc_korea, on a good note, it’s my type🎵 Nowadays, the trendy YUZU (Yuja scent) is my style🎵 It’s been so long since I’ve had such a good time~~🎵 I had a good time with my fantabulous friends @realericnam @bettieyoon at #10corsocomoseoul. I fell in love with this @tangentgc_korea YUZU scent. MUST HAVE! 💕

Source: Minzy’s Instagram/qotnsgml4545

[INSTAGRAM] Minzy Giving Us Inspiration (August 14, 2019)

[CAPTION] There are so many things that you can’t see when you walk down the street alone at night.
However, if we walk together, no matter how much we can see, each other’s movements alone are a great comfort.
That’s what it means to be beside someone.
When you walk on the road in the dark night, there are many things not to see.
Even if you can’t see a clear path, When you walk together with your people,
they make you feel strong, confident, and blessed with just their steps.
That’s what it means “someone who stays by my side” -minzy- #minzy

Source: Minzy’s Instagram