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Unleashing Girl Power

South Korea’s leading girl group 2NE1 thrilled Myanmar fans with a glitzy mega performance last Saturday before an expectant audience of more than 10,000. 

The crowd swarmed at Myanmar Event Park – the concert venue – as early as 3 pm despite a downpour. By the time the concert started at 7pm, the rain was clearing rapidly.

As soon as the doors opened at 6pm, an hour late, the fans flooded into the concert hall, plunging the venue into total chaos despite tight security.

This was the most expensive concert in Myanmar with tickets costing between Ks25,000 (US$25) and Ks900,000 (US$900). Different entrances served specific categories of the ticket holders. Zones reserved for Diamond and VVIP ticket holders – who paid between Ks150,000 (US$150) and Ks900,000 (US$900) – were full while the space for standing ticket holders was nearly packed.

The concert was impressive in many aspects from extravagant stage design and awe-inspiring projection mapping to superb lighting and the amazing sound system. The lavish stage set-up – costing a whopping Ks200 million (US$200,000) – was just one of the wow factors.

The 4-member outfit – comprised of CL, Bom, Dara, and Minzy – belted out some of the smash hits from their latest album “Crush” and other catchy numbers.  The delighted audience including mostly light stick-clutching teenyboppers sang along with the four gals and waved their hands in sync with the rhythm of the tunes.

The group’s leader CL said she was very excited to come to Myanmar as it was the group’s very first time in the country. Dara related how happy she was to meet with her Myanmar fans and visit the Shwedagon Pagoda where she was keen on wearing a longyi. Bom and Minzy also thanked the fans for coming to the concert and hoped that they would be thrilled by the show.

The concert wrapped up around 8:45 pm with the singers waving their goodbye to the fans.

Source: Eleven Myanmar

2NE1 Discusses Tearing Up Seeing Myanmar Fans For The First Time

2NE1 is taking Myanmar by storm, and nothing is more indicative of that than their massive fanbase itching to see the “All or Nothing” concert.

“Since this is our first concert in Myanmar, we’d like to perform our latest hits for fans, rather than sing from our previous albums,” said CL of 2NE1 during an interview with the Myanmar press.

“We’re happy to be holding our first concert in Myanmar and we’re honored to represent Korea. We’re hoping to come back again in the future.”

During this interview, Sandara Park also described seeing their Myanmar fans for the first time.

“We weren’t aware of how many fans we had in Myanmar so when we were finally able to meet with our fanbase, we teared up,” said Dara.

“Their group is really unique,” said 2NE1 fan Saw Yang Naung to MITV. “Unlike other groups, they’re united and focused on the music rather than the beauty.”

“I wanted to see them in person, that’s why I came,” said Le’ Yati Aung at the Yangon airport where 2NE1 arrived on July 30. “I love international songs, but I prefer K-pop.”

This is also one of the first major 2NE1 events with member Park Bom making publicity appearances since her recent controversies.

“Instead of running away in the airport, Park Bom bravely shows up walking like nothing happened,” tweeted RaiHaaBJ on Twitter. “So much respect.”

With tickets prices soaring as high as $900, 2NE1’s tickets were allegedly some the most sought-after tickets for any K-pop acts visiting Myanmar.

“Other international artists have performed in Myanmar, but 2NE1’s concert is the most expensive one,” said a K-pop fan from Yankin Township.

“I think it’s because the organizers want to cover the expense of inviting the most popular group. Since ticket prices vary, we can choose the category we can afford. Many people are willing to pay for the most expensive tickets. Compared to those in other countries, the tickets here are quite expensive.”

Source: Kpopstarz