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[ARTICLE] From PSY to WINNER, YG’s Success Will “Continue Until The End Of The Year”

A/N: Remember to take this with a grain of salt. Don’t get too excited just yet.

[일간스포츠=엄동진 기자] It could be called crazy. YG hinted on their continuing rush for the end-of-year holiday season, continuing with their already outstanding success.

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[NETIZENS] Minzy Shares A Sweet Photo With Lee Hi


Source: Xsportnews via Naver, 2015.02.13
1. [+119, -5]  YG, you should give us Lee Hi…… just how long are we supposed to wait…
2. [+89, -4]  It’d be good for Lee Hi to come out now… and for Big Bang to comeback after her
3. [+87, -5]  What’s Lee Hi up to these days?
4. [+67, -9]  Make Minzy and Lee Hi collab for a duet
5. [+38, -4]  y o y o ~~….
6. [+26, -3]  My eyes are falling out from waiting for Lee Hi’s new album
7. [+17, -1]  Gong Minzy?????????

 Source: YGPress