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[INSTAGRAM] The Gong Sisters With A Dentist (June 24, 2018)

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[INSTAGRAM] Marc Is Waiting (May 29, 2018)

[CAPTION] Love u dear ❤ Can’t wait for ur new works 🎵🎵@_minzy_mz @kongshine153 🇰🇷

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[INSTAGRAM] Minyoung Wishes Her Sister A Happy Birthday (January 18, 2018)

A/N: Translation might not be completely accurate.
[CAPTION] My one and only dongseang, soul mate, a good friend, the best travel mate, a reliable partner, the cutest maknae, a research worker with a curiosity for cooking, our home’s best barista, a photo-flavored photographer, a person who’s a delicacy at our home, a person who has a golden hand, a queen, a pure bean, a chocolate lover, a lover of everything, an ideal personality, a music mate, a person too good to be true, a dancing queen, happy birthday to the one and only Minji, an artist who owns land on the moon❤🎶 My lovely sister minzy
happy birthday❤

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