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2NE1’s Minzy Performs “Happen Ending” with Epik High on Inkigayo

minzy3On the November 9th episode of SBS InkigayoEpik High performed their hit track, “Happen Ending,” with their new featured female artist, Minzy from 2NE1!

After the original artist Joe Wonsun, AKMU’s Suhyun, and Lee Hi all performed the song alongside Epik High, it was Minzy’s turn to feature on Epik High’s “Happen Ending”!

Before the song started, Tablo told Mithra Jin, “Let me summarize ‘Happen Ending’ for you in three words. Hello… Goodbye… The end” which evoked emotion for the song before it even began to play. Then, Minzy of 2NE1 appeared showing off her beauty along with her emotional vocals that added to the atmosphere of the song. Their performance was touching, and grabbed the attention of everyone present in the audience and those watching live at home.

Epik High has been receiving acclamation for their recent album, rising to the top of the charts and winning first on M! Countdown, their first win in six years!

“Happen Ending” is a song about a break-up, and contains lyrics that seem blunt but serve to console those who feel hurt by saying farewell to their loved ones.

Source: MyDaily
Translation: Koreaboo

2NE1, going to reveal ‘GOTTA BE YOU’ in ‘Popular Music’ on April 6th..Put more focus on activities for 2nd album

[OSEN=Kim Sara] A girl group 2NE1 is going to continue the activities for regular 2nd album with ‘GOTTA BE YOU’.

2NE1 is going to reveal ‘GOTTA BE YOU’ in SBS ‘Popular Music’ on April 6th and is expecting to continue the comeback activities of this regular 2nd album.

Also in next week, they are going to reveal the music video of ‘GOTTA BE YOU’. 2NE1 got the attention with mysterious virtual space concept when they revealed the music video of ‘COME BACK HOME’ and the anticipation goes to what kind of charms they will show in ‘GOTTA BE YOU’ music video.

‘GOTTA BE YOU’ is a crossover song that mixed the unique synth sound and the rhythmical rapping from the intro and a powerful and exciting beat from the chorus. It is a song in which Minzy and Bom’s main part melody powerfully shouting ‘GOTTA BE YOU’ approaches in a very memorable way.

2NE1 previously revealed the performance and the dance video of ‘GOTTA BE YOU’ in March and has a case of getting hot reactions. 2NE1 has been catching the attention of the fans with charismatic and powerful performance with ‘COME BACK HOME’ after making a comeback with regular 2nd album and is expecting to show lively and joyful charms through ‘GOTTA BE YOU’.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 is continuing active activities in Korea with ‘GOTTA BE YOU’ and will meet the local fans through 2NE1 world tour ‘ALL OR NOTHING’ that is going to be held in Shanghai, China on April 11th.

Source: Naver Star Cast

2NE1 Sings “IF I WERE YOU” in “INKIGAYO” on the 30th

[OSEN=박현민 기자] Girl group 2NE1 discloses the performance of “IF I WERE YOU” in SBS “INKIGAYO” that will be aired on the 30 this month.

“IF I WERE YOU” is one of the tracks of 2NE1’ new album, which was directly composed and written by the team’s leader CL. It boasts a tender piano sound and unique string, as well as magnificent drum beat. 2NE1 has caught eyes with their charismatic and strong performance of title track “COME BACK HOME” so far, and now, they will display a different appeal with a sentimental and feminine performance of “IF I WERE YOU”,

As “COME BACK HOME” and “GOTTA BE YOU”, double title tracks of 2NE1’s new album, as well as other tracks enjoy great popularity, 2NE1 presents the performance of “IF I WERE YOU” in “INKIGAYO”, to show a bigger variety of their performance.

Earlier this month on the 21, 2NE1 first disclosed the performance of “IF I WERE YOU” on TV, in KBS 2TV’s music show “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook”, at the encore request of the audience after their performance of “COME BACK HOME” and “FIRE”. 2NE1’s live performance in the show created sensation, after music fans uploaded different videos of the performance, including “2NE1’s performance video without MR”.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 continue to actively perform their new songs in Korea and meet Chinese fans on the 11 next month in their world tour concert in Shanghai, China.

Source: YG-Life