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[ARTICLE] 2NE1 featured on Noisey’s ‘The 20 Best K-Pop Songs of 2014’

2014 was undoubtedly K-pop’s bloodiest, drug-hungriest, all-around most combustible year on the books in its two-decade lifetime. (Check our full report on all the goriest details, and an exclusive interview recap of YG Entertainment’s run as the label that thrived most through the madness.) But South Korea’s indefatigable culture industry still has plenty of juice left in the tank: song for song, this year’s crop managed a managed a better yield than 2013 despite the calamitous clouds and winds of change.

7. 2NE1 – “If I Were You”

Though we missed “Missing You” on Crush, “If I Were You” was a kindred spirit—2NE1 at their lyrical, emotive, depressive best. Their vocally powerhouse live take for Korean television was one of the year’s best performances.

Source: Noisey

Sentimental Live-Performance of 2NE1’s “IF I WERE YOU”,.. Vocal Exploding with Emotions

[OSEN=권지영 기자] Girl group 2NE1 has captivated music fans with their appealing and emotional vocal.

YG Entertainment disclosed the live performance of “IF I WERE YOU”, which was given at 2NE1’s second world tour “ALL OR NOTHING”, on YG’s official blog (www.yg-life.com), on the 10 at 9pm. The Seoul concert of 2NE1’s world tour was held on March 1 and 2 at Olympic Park’s SK Handball Hall.

“IF I WERE YOU” is an emotional ballad with impressive lyrics that describe lovers who forefeel their break-up and want to know each other’s heart by becoming one another even for a day. CL herself directly wrote the lyrics and also took part in the composition of the song. The unique lyrics and vocals of four 2NE1 members create a perfect harmony in the song, making it one of the most loved flagship ballads of 2NE1, along with “LONELY” and “IT HURTS”.

The live performance of 2NE1’s “IF I WERE YOU” that has recently been disclosed is evaluated as a performance that shows the true value of 2NE1’s vocal. The performance begins with DARA’s tender and emotional vocal and develops into MINZY’s stable vocal and BOM’s hook in which her unmatched voice color stands out, and then finally to CL’s strong vocal, to create an intense harmony between all the four members.

There is no particular dance for the performance of “IF I WERE YOU”, but the four members singing the song with all their body leaves a stronger impression than any other special performance. Plus, a delicate but powerful sound by a world-class live session band who has taken part in the world tour of BIGBANG and G-DRAGON goes perfectly together with the vocal of 2NE1, more matured and sophisticated now, to create a superb live performance.

Music fans who watched the video of the live performance are giving a rave review to it, saying, “The music alone sounds rather plain, after I watched the live performance video”, “I can never listen to the song enough, because each of the four members has different and unique colors”, and “I can see that 2NE1 is growing and gaining more depth as time goes by”.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 gave the comeback performance in SBS “INKIGAYO” on the 9. 2NE1 is also kicking off the overseas concerts of their second world tour “ALL OR NOTHING”, while continuing performances on TV.

Source: YG-Life