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[INSTAGRAM] Minzy’s Day At The Museum (June 17, 2017)

[CAPTION] Today, I went to Yewon-unnie’s exhibition >_<#❤️ Thumbs up🌸 #bravo with @somsomi0309

[CAPTION] 💕💖🌸🌷🌺 #❤️ #mood #unnies2 #minzy

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[INTERVIEW] Hong Jin Young Mentions Minzy On Star News (June 12, 2017)

Star News Interview: “Hong Jinyoung’s Remarkable Activities on ‘Unnies’ Slam Dunk Season 2’”

“With ‘Unnies’ Opened Dreams That Had Not Yet Bloomed.. Is This Real Life?” (Interview Part 1)

Have you seen the members after the broadcast ended?

Yesterday, there was a dinner for ‘Unnies’. I had cold sweats and I wasn’t feeling well, so I just quickly showed my face and then came home and passed out. It was our first time meeting after filming wrapped up. We exchanged gifts. (Kim) Sook unnie gave sneakers, (Jeon) Somi gave honey, (Gong) Minzy gave perfume, (Hong) Jinkyung unnie gave dumplings, (Kang) Yewon unnie gave diffusers and bags, and (Han) Chaeyoung unnie and I gave bracelets as gifts.

“‘Unnies’ Dance & Singing 1st Place is Gong Minzy, Visual is Han Chaeyoung” (Interview Part 2)

I’ll ask a fun question. Name the #1 dancer, #1 singer and #1 visual in ‘Unnies’.

#1 dancer is Gong Minzy, of course. Minzy is a dancing machine. #1 singer is mmm, it went back and forth between myself and (Gong) Minzy, but I’ll say Minzy is #1. Hoho. #1 visual is Han Chaeyoung! Chaeyoung unnie is really pretty.

Source: Star News via Naver (1 2)
Translation: HongJinYoung.Org