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[ARTICLE] 2NE1’s “Go Away” Mentioned On soompi’s “10 K-Pop Songs To Get You Through A Bad Breakup”

As unfortunate as they are, breakups happen sometimes. They’re usually easier to handle when it’s an amicable separation, but it can get unpleasant if things go south.

If you ever, God forbid, find yourself in a similar situation, the following K-pop songs will hopefully give you the comfort you need when going through such tough times.

8. 2NE1 – “Go Away”

2NE1 sung of heartbreak as much as they did of love, and this melodramatic song and MV are living proof. These fine ladies movingly share how it hurts enough when you find out that you were cheated on, but the pain only gets worse when you catch them red-handed and unapologetic about it. With this in mind, the badass group admits that what’s done is done and all you need to do right now is look after yourself. Granted, you’ll walk away and let go of love and sadness for the sake of your peace of mind.

Source: soompi
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[ARTICLE] 2NE1’s Go Away Mentioned In soompi’s “12 K-Pop Music Videos That Show The Power Of Female Friendship”

There are plenty of K-pop songs and music videos out there about love and relationships, but there are few that are about one of the best kinds of relationships: female friendship! So we’ve pulled together some of our favorite MVs that show the importance of gal pals. From helping us through tough times to making us laugh, smile, and dance for no reason, girl friends are there through thick and thin.

Watch your favorite K-pop ladies pay sweet tribute to these powerful friendships by showing off their own heartwarming bonds in these 12 music videos!

6. “Go Away” – 2NE1

Things don’t go so well for CL in the “Go Away” MV, and between her horrible ex and her disappointing car races, the girl can’t seem to catch a break. Luckily, the other three members are there throughout the music video’s story to support and comfort their leader — especially after the MV’s shocking ending.

Source: soompi

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