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Fancams from AON After Party in Japan (July 6, 2014)

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2NE1 gears up to hypnotize Japan

The K-pop girl group 2NE1, currently on world tour, released a promotional video for its upcoming Japanese edition of the EP “Crush” on YouTube.

The group is to release the album in Japan on June 25 with repackaged contents, different from the Korean edition.

As the Korean version of “Crush” was thoroughly loved by fans worldwide, the upcoming album is raising anticipation among eager fans. The album will have 10 tracks: “Crush,” “Come Back Home,” “Gotta Be You,” “Do You Love Me,” “Happy,” “Falling In Love,” “I Love You,” “If I Were You,” “Missing You” and the unplugged version of “Come Back Home.”

In addition, the upcoming EP will contain a Japanese version of a music video that caught the eyes of thirsty fans.

2NE1 seems to have made an effort to provide an album that contains most of its colors to captivate patient fans since it has been two years since the group released an album in Japan.

Following the release of the EP, four members — Minzy, Park Bom, CL and Sandara — will hold concerts in Japan as part of their world tour “All or Nothing.” 2NE1 will perform at Yokohama Arena from July 5 to 6 and at World Memorial Hall in Kobe from July 12 to 13.

The fervent group will interact with Japan fans at after-parties in Shibuya on July 6 and in Osaka on July 13.

Source: The Korea Herald

2NE1 holds official after-party for Japan Tour: Beyond imagination

[스타뉴스 윤상근 기자] 2NE1 announced that they will be holding an official after-party in Japan in celebration of their tour in the neighboring country.

After they release their Japanese version of “CRUSH” on June 25—for the first time in about 2 years—they are to kick off their World Tour “ALL OR NOTHING” at Yokohama Arena on July 5 and 6, and at Kobe World Memorial Hall on July 12 and 13.

When the concert comes to an end, they are going to keep up with the heat by holding after-parties in Tokyo Sound Museum Vision on July 6, and in Osaka Umeda on July 13.

2NE1 aroused much attention when they invited fellow YG artists BIGBANG and other famous artists along with their fans to the after-party when they finished their concert in Korea in March. Despite the late hours of the party, a huge number of fans swarmed in and waited in a long line.

2NE1, who even showed an impromptu performance back then, decided to hold another one in Japan to have some special bonding time with the local fans and related staffers. It is even rare in Japan for an artist to hold an after-party in which they personally participate. Thus the Japanese party is expected to be a premier event, as it will attract fans beyond imagination.

The quartet’s Japanese version of “CRUSH” is consisted of visual contents that are different to those of their Korean version, while it will also include the Japanese version of their M/V. As this is their first Japanese album in 2 years, the album will be filled with 2NE1’s charms.

Currently in the middle of “ALL OR NOTHING” tour, 2NE1 will be in Jakarta, Indonesia on June 8 at Mata Elang International Stadium to meet with the local fans.

Source: YG-Life

2NE1 invite Blackjacks to their after party following their concerts in Japan this July

2NE1 are inviting Blackjacks to their official after party in Japan this July!

2NE1 will continue on their world tour ‘ALL OR NOTHING‘ (‘AON‘) at Yokohama Arena on July 5-6 and Kobe World Memorial Hall on July 12-13. Following the concert, 2NE1 will hold their after party at Sound Museum Vision at Shibuya, Tokyo on July 6 and Umeda, Osaka on July 13. 2NE1 brought the ‘fire’ to their 19+ after party following their Seoul concerts back in March and now Blackjacks in Japan will also witness the fun that 2NE1 will bring on stage and in the club during their upcoming after party!

2NE1 will also release their second full-length album ‘CRUSH‘ in Japan on the 25th!

Source: allkpop

Fancams of 2NE1 at AON After Party in Shanghai

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