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[ARTICLE] 2NE1’s “Crush” Mentioned On soompi’s “9 K-Pop Jams About Being Unapologetically Yourself”

Answering to society’s standards can be so exhausting, especially because it takes away from one’s individuality and sorts people into boxes that simply do not fit their personality. It rather pulls them further away from their true selves.

Now, who doesn’t love a hype playlist that gives you a major self-esteem uplift throughout the day? Korean artists surely love to sing about unapologetically being themselves, and we’re lucky to have them share their positive music with us. Here is a mix of old and new hits that will give you all the boost you need to (humbly) boast about yourself.

5. 2NE1 – “Crush”

The quartet may not have invented the girl crush concept, but they sure knew how to keep it going! These fiery ladies embraced their identity in this track as they represent realness and don’t care about what others may think or say about them. Their main focus is to keep 2NE1’s legacy going and to welcome the love they receive in the process.

Source: soompi
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[ARTICLE] 2NE1’s “Go Away” Mentioned On soompi’s “10 K-Pop Songs To Get You Through A Bad Breakup”

As unfortunate as they are, breakups happen sometimes. They’re usually easier to handle when it’s an amicable separation, but it can get unpleasant if things go south.

If you ever, God forbid, find yourself in a similar situation, the following K-pop songs will hopefully give you the comfort you need when going through such tough times.

8. 2NE1 – “Go Away”

2NE1 sung of heartbreak as much as they did of love, and this melodramatic song and MV are living proof. These fine ladies movingly share how it hurts enough when you find out that you were cheated on, but the pain only gets worse when you catch them red-handed and unapologetic about it. With this in mind, the badass group admits that what’s done is done and all you need to do right now is look after yourself. Granted, you’ll walk away and let go of love and sadness for the sake of your peace of mind.

Source: soompi
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[ARTICLE] 2NE1’s “I AM THE BEST” Mentioned On Billboard’s “Celebrate International Women’s Day With 12 Empowering Songs From the Women of K-Pop”

While love songs are dime a dozen in the K-pop world, many of the top female acts have also regularly taken down the status quo of perceptions of what it means to be a female pop star.

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2020 this Sunday (March 8), take a listen and watch the music videos for some of these South Korean pop acts serving up fiery hits as they question what it means to be a female, both as public figures and private women, in the 21st century.

2NE1’s “I am the Best”
Had enough with: Submissiveness
Context: 2NE1 was a dominant act in K-pop throughout the majority of its career, and regularly released empowering hits. like “I am the Best,” where they proudly proclaimed their power and reveled in what it meant to be a top act.
Also check out: 2NE1’s “Try to Copy Me,” CL’s “Baddest Female”

Source: Billboard
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[ARTICLE] 2NE1 Mentioned on soompi’s “10 MAMA Stages That Bedazzled Us Over The Last Decade”

2020 is finally here. Many of you have been reminiscing over your most memorable moments in the last decade, and since Soompi is all about K-pop, what better way to celebrate the new year than to look back on some of the most iconic MAMA stages to date!

The popular award show has had many names since launching in 1999 and its ceremony format saw many changes throughout the years. In 2009, it was reborn into what we know today as the Mnet Asian Music Awards. The early years witnessed a handful of sets brought to you by the talented second generation of idols with amazing performances, such as a nostalgic tribute to their seniors in 2008. Recently MAMA bears many more exciting additions, from being held outside Korea in neighboring places such as Macau, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, and Hong Kong, to introducing concept-based stages that illuminate our screens at the end of every year.

While we would love to mention every act that has graced the MAMA stage, the stages below are some of the most memorable ones per year. Here is, in chronological order, some of MAMA’s most impressive performances from the last decade.

6. CL & 2NE1 – “The Baddest Female,” “Hello Bitches,” “Fire” (2015)

This is perhaps one of the most mentioned MAMA stages of all time, and for good reason. It’s common knowledge that CL has an incredible stage presence that lights up the atmosphere, and this MAMA performance of her solo releases is proof. But what fans weren’t expecting at the time was 2NE1 hitting the stage together one last time. This performance undoubtedly caused an emotional roller coaster and granted us a moment to remember.

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[ARTICLE] 2NE1’S “I AM THE BEST” Mentioned On soompi’s “20 K-Pop Songs That Defined The Past Decade”

2020 marks the start of a new decade, so it’s the perfect time to reminisce and take a walk through some of the best K-pop of the past one! K-pop has exploded over the past 10 years, bringing us countless dance hits, sizzling summer tracks, heart-wrenching ballads, and empowering anthems. Obviously the 2010s are filled with too many well-deserving hits to name on one list, but the 20 songs featured here pushed boundaries to infuse K-pop with exciting new sounds, achieved immense popularity, and became K-pop classics that truly defined the 2010s. So to ring in 2020, here are 20 songs that defined the past decade, in order of their release!

3. “I Am The Best” — 2NE1 (2011)

2NE1 was one of the defining K-pop acts of this decade, and their versatile discography featured hits ranging from the wistful “Lonely” to the reggae/hip-hop “Come Back Home.” But “I Am The Best” is their crowning jewel: a badass proclamation of self-confidence featuring the girls decked out in leather and spikes, literally smashing records — as if we needed a reminder that they’re K-pop royalty! The song was featured on American TV shows and commercials years after its release, proving that this hit never gets old.

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[ARTICLE] 2NE1’s “I AM THE BEST” Mentioned In GQ UK’s “Best K-pop Songs Of The Decade”

The game-changers from a decade of K-pop

No other genre of music has changed the music industry more than K-pop this decade. From BTS to Blackpink, Monsta X to Exo, these are the bands that helped make it a global phenomenon and raised the bar for pop groups across the globe

If you’d mentioned K-pop to anyone in the West in the first half of this decade, there was every chance they’d have looked at you blankly. South Korea’s boy and girl pop groups were beloved by millions for videos that ranged from the sublime to the surreal and their bold combination of genres – from hip-hop to Latin to EDM – but beyond Asia, they were little known.

“Gangnam Style” changed K-pop’s global status in 2012, but the shift in Western perception from one-off novelty record to bonafide pop juggernaut rests on the shoulders of BTS’s American breakthrough in 2017. This year alone, they sold four million copies of their latest album, Map Of The Soul: Persona, and earned more from their tours than The Rolling Stones or Metallica.

Blackpink, NCT, SuperM, Stray Kids and Monsta X have also been selling out arenas across Europe and the US; with language no longer an obstacle in the age of social media and multilingual fandoms, K-pop has finally found its feet outside Asia. As a new decade sits on the horizon, we look back at ten years of milestones and game-changing moments that led to K-pop standing tall on the world stage.

2011, the year of the girl group: ‘I Am The Best’ by 2NE1

In 2011, women owned K-pop. The disco of T-Ara’s “Roly Poly” dominated the charts, HyunA’s solo single “Bubble Pop!” took the 4Minute member to new heights, Girls’ Generation got sexy with “The Boys” and Brown Eyed Girls unleashed their anarchist diva on “Sixth Sense”. But three years into their career, 2NE1 would become legends with “I Am The Best”, an anthemic ode to self confidence. From the chanted title refrain to a video that was as slick as the clothes were over-the-top, 2NE1’s big sound and outré look not only brought K-pop to the curious attention of the Western fashion and music media but became a visual blueprint for the genre’s feisty “girl crush” concept.

Source: GQ Magazine UK
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[ARTICLE] 2NE1’s CRUSH Mentioned On Billboard’s “The 25 Greatest K-Pop Albums of the 2010s: Staff List”

K-pop may center around music, but it’s really an all-encompassing media package that comprises video, fashion, makeup, choreography, and concept (among dozens of other factors).

The album, then, is a strange and insular unit of measurement to apply: How are you supposed to gauge the success of a work when all you’re looking at is a cross-section? Still — since there’s no denying that K-pop is a significantly musical venture, there will always be value in tracing its sonic evolution, and the album is still the best way to do that.

It’s a fortunate fact when you consider that the story of K-pop music in the 2010s reads more like a riddle than a novel. Obviously, it’s not far-fetched for a 2010 track to sound like it’s from a different universe than one released in 2019, but there’s a much more defined musical shift in the decade, originating somewhere around 2015, that spontaneously erupted into a bottomless schism separating two very different musical attitudes in K-pop. It’s the distance between the angsty chaos of BTS’ Dark & Wild (2014) and the heady sonic explorations of its followup, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt.1 (2015). It’s the gap separating 2NE1’s meteoric potential as realized in Crush (2014), from the group’s devastating disbandment just two years later.

Pin it on the glimpses of global success that acts like Psy and Girls Generation afforded, but when K-pop’s record labels set their sights on global appeal in the early decade, they reached out for it in their music. Producers turned up the hip-hop and R&B influences. Synth sounds blossomed from electro-pop to encompass UK garage, house, and synth-pop. Budgets expanded. Everywhere, Korean labels scrambled to find the perfect mix between Western influences and their own instincts.

What resulted was a decade of K-pop music obsessed with experimentation and reinvention. The period’s best albums construct a brilliant mosaic of past and future, West and East, sophistication and camp, avant-garde and earworm. To commemorate the decade in K-pop, Billboard has compiled a selection of the era’s 25 greatest albums.

18. 2NE1, Crush (2014)

K-pop’s crossover trajectory in the States is often reduced to chart stats. It’s true that Crush hit No. 61 on the Billboard 200. But the LP’s real claim to fame in the U.S. is that it made 2NE1 a critical darling in a market where K-poptimism still hasn’t taken hold. The quartet’s sophomore album traverses a genre-blend of EDM, trap, and reggae — and standouts include the sensory overload of “Come Back Home” and the deceptively cheerful pop of “Happy.” But “MTBD” is the show-stopping centerpiece where CL’s ferocious flow takes no prisoners amid twitching triple hi-hats and the bass going “boom boom boom.” The relatively restrained full-length proved 2NE1 knows when to pull back after firing on all cylinders. — C.K.

Source: Billboard
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