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[FACEBOOK] Minzy Opens Up About The Tour (October 18, 2018)

[CAPTION] Join me live for a comeback performance and all my solo and 2ne1 music! I’ll also be premiering a short film about my personal story of my journey from 2ne1 till now.

This tour is a platform I’d like to use to promote Mental Health awareness, Suicide Prevention, and women empowerment! All very important issues dear to my heart.

I will also be featuring several guest artists, including the talented Made By Crooks, and some talented winners of my comeback challenge (coming up Oct 20).

Source: Minzy’s Facebook

[FACEBOOK] Minzy With Joel H. Garcia (September 10, 2018)

[CAPTION] A Behind the scenes work for Minzy. A remarkable artist, as I escorted her in the seamless background, she’s so professional, as the photographer, all I need is to give her adoring feedback how I like the way she move and look in front of my camera. I also tweak and suggest her a few moves and she nailed it perfectly. ♥️

Minzy is a South Korean singer and songwriter. She is a former member of Korean Girl Group 2NE1 with Sandara Park.

Special Thanks to PULP Live World Team!

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Source: Joel H. Garcia