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[INTERVIEW] Jeon Somi Mentions Minzy On Star News (July 5, 2017)

I asked this during Hong Jin Young’s interview. I’ll also ask for Somi’s interview. Who is the 1st in terms of appearance, dance and singing.
Appearance is Kim Sook unnie. Yewon unnie improved a lot in dance. Minzy unnie is orginally good at it. Jin Young unnie is originally good in singing. While “Unnies 2” doesn’t seem to suit [her], I think it’s a well-suited combination.

Since Gong Minzy also started from being an idol, she’s probably more dependable.
I wanted to be a singer after watching 2NE1 sunbaenim. Minzy unnie is really an important person to me. I’ve never imagined I would be close to her. Now I’m Happy that I’m comfortable with her that we can even joke around. Being able to know Minzy unnie is really one of the most memorable things in my life.

Source: Naver
Translation: JEONSOMI_INTL


[INTERVIEW] Somi Mentions Minzy On Marie Claire Korea (July 2017)

In this one year, you have done a lot. Shall we talk about the recent memory?

Unnies…. I like that I can meet friendly people like Han Chae Young, Hong Jin Kyung, Kim Sook unnies and learn a lot from them. Especially Minzy unnie. When I first met her, I was so happy, as if I was meeting Britney Spears. I wanted to become an idol after looking at 2NE1. Right now, I am the closest to her of all the Unnies that we can even video call. Now, even though I am not debuting, I am happy living my life like this since I’m meeting many nice people.

Source: Marie Claire Korea
Translation: JEONSOMI_INTL

[INTERVIEW] We Asked Minzy To Choose Between Fame, Fortune & Talent. Here’s What She Chose!

Ditching her former status as 2NE1’s maknae, Gong Minzy’s star is soaring to the top with her radio-friendly record, Minzy Work 01 Uno. Teenage speaks to the ‘Ninano’ songstress about her newfound solo career, how she overcomes hardships and what she’d choose: fame, fortune or talent.

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[INTERVIEW] Hong Jin Young Mentions Minzy On Star News (June 12, 2017)

Star News Interview: “Hong Jinyoung’s Remarkable Activities on ‘Unnies’ Slam Dunk Season 2’”

“With ‘Unnies’ Opened Dreams That Had Not Yet Bloomed.. Is This Real Life?” (Interview Part 1)

Have you seen the members after the broadcast ended?

Yesterday, there was a dinner for ‘Unnies’. I had cold sweats and I wasn’t feeling well, so I just quickly showed my face and then came home and passed out. It was our first time meeting after filming wrapped up. We exchanged gifts. (Kim) Sook unnie gave sneakers, (Jeon) Somi gave honey, (Gong) Minzy gave perfume, (Hong) Jinkyung unnie gave dumplings, (Kang) Yewon unnie gave diffusers and bags, and (Han) Chaeyoung unnie and I gave bracelets as gifts.

“‘Unnies’ Dance & Singing 1st Place is Gong Minzy, Visual is Han Chaeyoung” (Interview Part 2)

I’ll ask a fun question. Name the #1 dancer, #1 singer and #1 visual in ‘Unnies’.

#1 dancer is Gong Minzy, of course. Minzy is a dancing machine. #1 singer is mmm, it went back and forth between myself and (Gong) Minzy, but I’ll say Minzy is #1. Hoho. #1 visual is Han Chaeyoung! Chaeyoung unnie is really pretty.

Source: Star News via Naver (1 2)
Translation: HongJinYoung.Org

[INTERVIEW] Somi Mentions Minzy On Harper’s Bazaar Korea (May 2017)

Was filming “Sisters’ Slam Dunk 2” fun? Hong Jin Kyung, Kim Sook, Kang Ye Won, Han Chae Young, Kong Minzy and Somi’s personalities are all strong and charismatic, there would be a lot of interesting things when gathering around, right?

Other people would ask me are the Unnies scary? I don’t feel scared at all, I haven’t seen Han Chae Young unnie’s “Autumn In My Heart” and “Delightful Girl Choon Hyang”, and we still got closer easily. Unnies are all very cute, especially when meeting with Minzy sunbae, it was a historic moment for me, I really like 2NE1 sunbaes’ songs and dance since a long time ago, I became a team with my idol Minzy unnie so I’m a successful fan right~ I’ll also meet up with Minzy unnie today after filming.

Source: SomiBarChina

[TRANSLATION] Minzy’s Interview For JUSKY Magazine (June 28, 2016)


[JUKSY GIRL] Don’t Call Me Maknae, I Am My Own Goddess – Minzy, Gong Minji

“In the heart of an icy queen lies an adorable girl” was my first impression of Minzy. This is Minzy’s first time meeting the media after her departure from 2NE1. “This atmosphere’s too strong!”, exclaimed the staff present when the cameras were on Minzy, capturing her superior gaze. The moment the cameras were off, she became like a humble little girl, smiling and bowing continuously to the people around her.

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2NE1’s Q&A from Blackjack Nolza Fan Club Event in Tokyo (December 12, 2014)

Q: Who is a crybaby?
Dara: Dara & Bom
Minzy: Dara & Bom
Bom: Dara & Bom
Minzy: They cry a lot
Host: Bom, do you cry a lot?
Bom: Ummm, when we receive awards or when I’m touched, I cry a lot.
Host: But normally, you don’t cry a lot.
Bom: I am not a crybaby.
Host: CL, you put yourself?
CL: I was wrong.
Host: It’s Dara and Bom?
CL: Yes. Probably.
Host: Bom, you put yourself and Dara?
Bom: Yes, but I’m not sure who cries more.
Host: What about Dara?
Dara: When I, for example, watch a movie alone, I cry, but if we were all together, I wouldn’t cry.
CL: That’s a lie! I’ve seen her cry.
Host: Maybe she’s just practicing her acting?
Dara: Yes, I’m pretty good at acting out tears. But I normally try not to cry.


Q: Who seems likely to carry an umbrella with them?
All: Dara
Host: Dara, it seems like you’re most likely to carry an umbrella with you.
Dara: I’m always prepared for everything. Inside my bag.
Host: You’ve got everything prepared inside your bag??
Dara: But I buy umbrellas.
Host: You buy?
Dara: If it starts to rain, I buy an umbrella at the convenience store.
Host: At the convenience store?
Dara: Because umbrellas are big.
Host : I guess it’s hard to fit an umbrella into your bag.
Dara: But I have everything (else).
Host: Everything except umbrellas? That’s kind of strange in itself.
CL/Dara: She’s Doraemon (A japanese anime character that can take out anything from its pocket).
CL: She always carries 4 toothbrushes in her bag.
Host: In her bag?
CL: As extra.
Host: She carries 4 toothbrushes in her bag as extra?
Dara: Yes, because…I love my members.
Host: Because you love your members”
Dara: So I prepare everything.
Host: You carry toothbrushes in your bag because you love your members? That’s amazing. Toothbrushes for your members.

Who is the one fans think is the most likely to carry an umbrella with them?
Host: Minzy!
Minzy: Thank you! I am a woman~
Host: So, do you carry an umbrella with you?
Minzy: Not really?
Host: She doesn’t really carry an umbrella,

CL: Um…who’s in last (for the ranking among fans)?
Host: You want to know who seems least likely to carry an umbrella?
CL: Yes.
Host: You want to know?
Bom: I don’t want to know!
CL: I want to know.
Host: Well…it’s Bom.
Bom: Why??

Source: rico t (1 2)
Translation: C4Z93 (1 2)