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[INTERVIEW] Somi Mentions Minzy On Harper’s Bazaar Korea (May 2017)

Was filming “Sisters’ Slam Dunk 2” fun? Hong Jin Kyung, Kim Sook, Kang Ye Won, Han Chae Young, Kong Minzy and Somi’s personalities are all strong and charismatic, there would be a lot of interesting things when gathering around, right?

Other people would ask me are the Unnies scary? I don’t feel scared at all, I haven’t seen Han Chae Young unnie’s “Autumn In My Heart” and “Delightful Girl Choon Hyang”, and we still got closer easily. Unnies are all very cute, especially when meeting with Minzy sunbae, it was a historic moment for me, I really like 2NE1 sunbaes’ songs and dance since a long time ago, I became a team with my idol Minzy unnie so I’m a successful fan right~ I’ll also meet up with Minzy unnie today after filming.

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[TRANSLATION] Minzy’s Interview For JUSKY Magazine (June 28, 2016)


[JUKSY GIRL] Don’t Call Me Maknae, I Am My Own Goddess – Minzy, Gong Minji

“In the heart of an icy queen lies an adorable girl” was my first impression of Minzy. This is Minzy’s first time meeting the media after her departure from 2NE1. “This atmosphere’s too strong!”, exclaimed the staff present when the cameras were on Minzy, capturing her superior gaze. The moment the cameras were off, she became like a humble little girl, smiling and bowing continuously to the people around her.

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2NE1’s Q&A from Blackjack Nolza Fan Club Event in Tokyo (December 12, 2014)

Q: Who is a crybaby?
Dara: Dara & Bom
Minzy: Dara & Bom
Bom: Dara & Bom
Minzy: They cry a lot
Host: Bom, do you cry a lot?
Bom: Ummm, when we receive awards or when I’m touched, I cry a lot.
Host: But normally, you don’t cry a lot.
Bom: I am not a crybaby.
Host: CL, you put yourself?
CL: I was wrong.
Host: It’s Dara and Bom?
CL: Yes. Probably.
Host: Bom, you put yourself and Dara?
Bom: Yes, but I’m not sure who cries more.
Host: What about Dara?
Dara: When I, for example, watch a movie alone, I cry, but if we were all together, I wouldn’t cry.
CL: That’s a lie! I’ve seen her cry.
Host: Maybe she’s just practicing her acting?
Dara: Yes, I’m pretty good at acting out tears. But I normally try not to cry.


Q: Who seems likely to carry an umbrella with them?
All: Dara
Host: Dara, it seems like you’re most likely to carry an umbrella with you.
Dara: I’m always prepared for everything. Inside my bag.
Host: You’ve got everything prepared inside your bag??
Dara: But I buy umbrellas.
Host: You buy?
Dara: If it starts to rain, I buy an umbrella at the convenience store.
Host: At the convenience store?
Dara: Because umbrellas are big.
Host : I guess it’s hard to fit an umbrella into your bag.
Dara: But I have everything (else).
Host: Everything except umbrellas? That’s kind of strange in itself.
CL/Dara: She’s Doraemon (A japanese anime character that can take out anything from its pocket).
CL: She always carries 4 toothbrushes in her bag.
Host: In her bag?
CL: As extra.
Host: She carries 4 toothbrushes in her bag as extra?
Dara: Yes, because…I love my members.
Host: Because you love your members”
Dara: So I prepare everything.
Host: You carry toothbrushes in your bag because you love your members? That’s amazing. Toothbrushes for your members.

Who is the one fans think is the most likely to carry an umbrella with them?
Host: Minzy!
Minzy: Thank you! I am a woman~
Host: So, do you carry an umbrella with you?
Minzy: Not really?
Host: She doesn’t really carry an umbrella,

CL: Um…who’s in last (for the ranking among fans)?
Host: You want to know who seems least likely to carry an umbrella?
CL: Yes.
Host: You want to know?
Bom: I don’t want to know!
CL: I want to know.
Host: Well…it’s Bom.
Bom: Why??

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2NE1’s Q&A from Blackjack Nolza Fan Club Event in Osaka (December 14, 2014)

Q: Average amount of sleep you get?
Minzy: 5 Hours.
CL: As I’ve been very busy, I didn’t Sleep very much. So when I get a break, I sleep. I was surprised to see the staff sleep the same way.
Dara (to CL): And the baths?
Bom: The baths are Bom-chan
Bom: Same as CL. I have times when I can’t sleep, but I also have times when I sleep so much, I seem to be dead to my parents.
Dara: When I’m not working, I usually get 10-12 hours. But now that we’re in Japan, it’s 4 hours, because I want to go to Don Quijote!
CL: You go everyday!
Dara: Tonight, let’s meet at Umeda’s Don Quijote!
Minzy: No! No no~

MC: And the baths?
Bom: I like baths.
MC: And the baths?
Bom: Bom-chan

Dara: Yesterday, I ate kushikatsu and went to Don Quijote! I bought a lot of instant (cheki) films!
CL: Minzy and I stayed at the hotel and swam.
Bom: Yes, I slept.

Q: Who is the first member that would use a battery charger when there’s no electricity?
CL: All but me.
Bom: All.
Minzy: Minzy.
Dara: Bom.
Fans: Bom.

Bom: Ah! I Have a question. Is it in fashion these days to have bangs? Everybody has it. Because I have it too!
MC: Bom is Cleopatra!
Bom: Hoo

Who is the one that would protect the manager when the costume is dirty?
CL: Doesn’t understand the question.
Bom: All
Dara: All
Minzy: All
Fans: CL

Q: Who would be the first one on a lifeboat if you were on a deserted island?
CL: Minzy and I.
Bom: Thinking…
Dara: Anyone.
Minzy: Bom and Dara.
Fans: Minzy.

Dara: When we went to the Philippines, we went jet skiing and Minzy fell off.
CL: Minzy didn’t know how to swim.
Dara: We were about to look for her when Bom swam over and rescued her!

Q: Draw your favorite food.
CL: Fig
Bom: Watermelon.
Dara: CoCo Ichibanya Special Curry.*
Minzy: Chocolate
* Coco Ichibanya is a house of curry.

CL: Right now, I’m preparing for my solo debut album in the US.
Dara: Los Angeles is so far away. I really wanted to see you.
CL: Me too.
Dara: [Did you get us any] Presents?
CL: Ah, I was always busy…

Dara: Don’t you have another theme of conversation? It’s the same thing everyday, it’s not interesting!
Dara said this, and then the talk corner increased!

Dara: What is Dara’s favorite type of sake?
Fans: ?!
Dara: I discovered a delicious sake at Don Quijote! It was Malibu + orange juice!

Dara: There’s only one hat like mine in the world. I bought it in Japan, but Winner’s Mino drew on it!

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Kong Minyoung’s Interview with GODPeople

*Minzy is mentioned at 2:56
Q: You said your younger sister 2NE1’s Minzy and your family helped you a lot.
A: The people I am the most thankful to for this album is my family. I always pray with my family, but this time, all of them prayed for this album. Up until this album release they prayed and supported me, especially my younger sister Minzy. My beloved younger sister, she was reliable for music and a reliable colleague. So for this album, we talked a lot about music and shared a lot of ideas. She helped me a lot with this album, and gave me a lot of advice.

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Translation: theEROMAKNAE (1 2 3 4 5)

Interview: Minzy’s sister debuts with ‘Rebirth’

Looking to continue her family’s musical background, Gong Min-young, the older sister of popular K-pop idol Minzy of 2NE1, made her official debut as a contemporary Christian music singer on Friday with the release of her first album, “Rebirth.”

However, unlike her younger sister, who chose the mainstream pop music route, Gong says it was always her dream to pursue gospel music.

“We grew up in a very religious household so gospel music is always something that has been a big part of our family,” the 23-year-old singer said in an interview with The Korea Herald.

As a member of mega K-pop girl group 2NE1, Gong’s youngster sister made her music debut at the age of 15 and has been active in the industry for about five years. Gong said that despite being the older sibling, Minzy has been a major influence on her musical career and that she doesn’t really feel any qualms about being referred to as “Minzy’s sister.”

“Although she is my younger sister, in terms of music, I actually consider her my mentor,” she said. “Whenever she and I are home together we are always talking about music and singing. I think that Minzy really has a gift when it comes to music so she has been a huge help to me.”

The gospel singer has made a name for herself in the religious community, performing as a member of The Disciples choir for the past few years and even taking her music to various Southeast Asian countries, including Malaysia and Thailand.

Last week, Gong finally released her first official album as a solo artist. In her personal attempt to move gospel music in a new, unconventional direction, she decided to deliver her messages of faith through more contemporary genres such as jazz, hip-hop and R&B.

“Although this is a CCM album, I don’t want to consider my music something only for believers to listen to, but I think these songs can also appeal to everyone, including nonbelievers,” Gong explained. “Whether someone is religious or not, I like to think of my songs as a form of healing. When people listen to me sing, I hope I can uplift peoples’ spirits with my messages.”

A casual listener might not even realize that the album is a gospel record. With six of the eight tracks both written and composed by Gong, she admitted taking a more youthful approach to her music in hopes of making gospel music more appealing to the masses.

The songs have names like “Let’s Party,” “Go!” and “Turn It Up.” The lead single, “Turn It Up,” is an upbeat electro-pop track, and the chorus has an almost EDM club-like techno beat. If not for lyrics such as “Let’s turn it up/I’m never gonna stop/don’t you ever stop/forever praising my God” Gong’s album could almost pass for mainstream.

“I truly wish that one day we can be able to break down that wall between CCM and other genres,” she said, adding that she plans to continue releasing solo albums. “Hopefully with my music, I will be able to shine light on people lives and rejuvenate their souls so that they can all come together as one.”

The CD release of “Rebirth” is slated for Nov. 4.

Source: Korea Herald

2NE1’s Interview with Start Talk

2ne1 says they have been to many places for the concert stops and they are happy to meet fans from many locations.

A: It’s difficult for me because every stop have different memories that are dear to me~

CL: Being able to shout and scream on stage is a form of de-stress~

CL talks about her learning experience from the fashion week: I find it fun and like to mix and match my clothes

Bom: I really love variety shows, I hope I would get a chance 2 be on one again T_T

CL: We all tried MCing jobs be it as a group or individually for me, I prefer performing on stage over MCing
The MC asked Minzy if she would like to try MC-ing duties since she is so active
MINZY: I also hope to try if I have the chance

CL: DARA always bring the selca stick wherever she goes.
CL: AH hahaha MINZY also like to take selcas!! Her poses, expression and angles are really good!

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