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[ARTICLE] 2NE1’s “I AM THE BEST” Mentioned In GQ UK’s “Best K-pop Songs Of The Decade”

The game-changers from a decade of K-pop

No other genre of music has changed the music industry more than K-pop this decade. From BTS to Blackpink, Monsta X to Exo, these are the bands that helped make it a global phenomenon and raised the bar for pop groups across the globe

If you’d mentioned K-pop to anyone in the West in the first half of this decade, there was every chance they’d have looked at you blankly. South Korea’s boy and girl pop groups were beloved by millions for videos that ranged from the sublime to the surreal and their bold combination of genres – from hip-hop to Latin to EDM – but beyond Asia, they were little known.

“Gangnam Style” changed K-pop’s global status in 2012, but the shift in Western perception from one-off novelty record to bonafide pop juggernaut rests on the shoulders of BTS’s American breakthrough in 2017. This year alone, they sold four million copies of their latest album, Map Of The Soul: Persona, and earned more from their tours than The Rolling Stones or Metallica.

Blackpink, NCT, SuperM, Stray Kids and Monsta X have also been selling out arenas across Europe and the US; with language no longer an obstacle in the age of social media and multilingual fandoms, K-pop has finally found its feet outside Asia. As a new decade sits on the horizon, we look back at ten years of milestones and game-changing moments that led to K-pop standing tall on the world stage.

2011, the year of the girl group: ‘I Am The Best’ by 2NE1

In 2011, women owned K-pop. The disco of T-Ara’s “Roly Poly” dominated the charts, HyunA’s solo single “Bubble Pop!” took the 4Minute member to new heights, Girls’ Generation got sexy with “The Boys” and Brown Eyed Girls unleashed their anarchist diva on “Sixth Sense”. But three years into their career, 2NE1 would become legends with “I Am The Best”, an anthemic ode to self confidence. From the chanted title refrain to a video that was as slick as the clothes were over-the-top, 2NE1’s big sound and outré look not only brought K-pop to the curious attention of the Western fashion and music media but became a visual blueprint for the genre’s feisty “girl crush” concept.

Source: GQ Magazine UK
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[ARTICLE] 2NE1 Mentioned On soompi’s “7 Iconic Moments From Older K-Pop Groups That Might Be Unfamiliar To New K-Pop Stans”

Before K-pop invaded the world and became mainstream, there were times when this rich genre was really starting to blossom thanks to the groups that led the Hallyu wave. This resulted in a fair share of significant moments the industry witnessed a few years back.

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[ARTICLE] 2NE1’s Go Away Mentioned In soompi’s “12 K-Pop Music Videos That Show The Power Of Female Friendship”

There are plenty of K-pop songs and music videos out there about love and relationships, but there are few that are about one of the best kinds of relationships: female friendship! So we’ve pulled together some of our favorite MVs that show the importance of gal pals. From helping us through tough times to making us laugh, smile, and dance for no reason, girl friends are there through thick and thin.

Watch your favorite K-pop ladies pay sweet tribute to these powerful friendships by showing off their own heartwarming bonds in these 12 music videos!

6. “Go Away” – 2NE1

Things don’t go so well for CL in the “Go Away” MV, and between her horrible ex and her disappointing car races, the girl can’t seem to catch a break. Luckily, the other three members are there throughout the music video’s story to support and comfort their leader — especially after the MV’s shocking ending.

Source: soompi

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[ARTICLE] Minzy Mentioned On soompi’s “All Grown Up: 8 Idols Who Basically Matured With Their Groups”

Before debuting in a K-pop group, many idols spend a lot of time together during their trainee days, and their bonds continue to grow as they share the same dorm and attend the same practice schedules on a daily basis.

Some idols, usually the maknae of the group, will leave their homes at a very young age to pursue their dreams. But because they’re so young, they end up being looked after by the rest of the members. With this in mind, here are eight idols who basically grew up with their groups!

7. Gong Minzy

Dance machine Gong Minzy, who joined YG Entertainment at age 11, was mainly raised by the former 2NE1 members throughout both the exhausting training period and the years of fame that followed, before eventually choosing her own path. In the documentary below, the girls gave Minzy fashion tips while she was preparing to attend a rock festival. They also expressed their parental concern upon her growing up, and debated whether they should be cool or strict as parents.

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Source: soompi

[ARTICLE] 5 Reasons To Watch “Unnies Slam Dunk Season 2”

The second season of the KBS variety show Unnies Slam Dunk premiered in the middle of last month and has been consistently bringing a lot of laughter and entertainment for its viewers. Though less of a ratings hit than its predecessor, the series is creating a lot of buzz among international fans, especially because of its star-studded cast. As a fan of the first season, I’m happy to say that the second season of Unnies is even more enjoyable, so here are five reasons why you should give the show a try!

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[ARTICLE] 2NE1’s 9 Most Unforgettable Moments


About two weeks ago, the K-pop world felt a shock that had fans heartbroken all over the world. It’s true, 2NE1 has disbanded. There’s so much that these four beautiful women (although Minzy left prior to the disbandment) have brought to the K-pop industry and into our lives through music, laughter, and much more. Here are some of their greatest moments in their seven years of being active from 2009-2016.

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[ARTICLE] Why Minzy Was Always 2NE1’s Secret Weapon


Earlier this week, the international K-pop community was shook when one of the members of its most beloved groups announced an unexpected departure. Upon her contract expiration, Minzy would exit 2NE1 and move on to focus on new (likely solo) endeavors; meanwhile, the girl group would move forward as a trio.

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[ARTICLE] Top 10 Of 2NE1’s Illest Performances


10. ‘Hate You’ Aug. 4th, 2011

“Hate You” has a lot of charisma and in-your-face attitude, just like this stage! The live was strong, impacting and definitely made use of their lyrics! The ladies were rocking some awesome styles and their scenes of pushing around guys just gives that added oomph the song really pushes.

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