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[ARTICLE] Minzy’s “Lovely” Mentioned On soompi’s “17 K-Pop Songs From The First Half Of 2020 That Deserve More Recognition”

We’re just reaching the halfway point of 2020, and it’s been quite an eventful year. It’s difficult enough in a normal year to keep up with the endless stream of new releases in K-pop, but with all the chaos that 2020 has thrown at us so far, it’s even more possible that you might have missed some hidden gems over the past six months! This list features 17 songs that were way underrated for how lit, catchy, or epic they are. Whether they’re singles from under-appreciated groups or releases from well-known artists that somehow flew under the radar, these tracks deserved a lot more attention than they got, and are sure to win you over!

2. “LOVELY” — Minzy

“LOVELY” is one of those beautifully affirming, comforting songs that makes you feel like everything will be okay — and that’s in no small part thanks to Minzy’s rich and soulful voice. The lyrics, which the former 2NE1 member wrote herself, speak of the bond between Minzy and her fans while reminding them to stay healthy and happy. “LOVELY” marks the singer’s first release since she parted ways with her former agency earlier this year, so hopefully we’ll be getting more Minzy in the future!

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Source: soompi

[ARTICLE] Minzy Mentioned In Billboard’s “Jay Park, CL, GOT7’s Mark & More Korean Artists Show Support for Black Lives Matter”

Some of the most influential K-pop and Korean artists are speaking out after the death of George Floyd for justice and showing their solidarity with the black community.

As America grapples with the outrage over another black person’s death at the hands of police — Floyd was suffocated by a Minneapolis police officer during an arrest — the issue has gained notice around the world including in the Korean-music industry, an industry heavily inspired and influenced by black music and culture. While the first responses to the tragedy came from Korean-American and hip-hop artists, the impact has grown to many different artists using their platforms and encouraging their fans to donate, act as allies and take action in the name of Black Lives Matter.

A number of K-pop acts have shared their feelings and hopes for justice on social media. See their posts and what causes they are supporting below.

Solo singer and former 2NE1 member Minzy declared “All the colors are beautiful and precious,” showed her support to #BlackLivesMatter with a link for ways to help.

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Source: Billboard

[ARTICLE] Watch: Minzy Sends A “LOVELY” Message To Fans With Uplifting New MV

Updated May 24 KST:

Minzy is back with her new single “LOVELY”!

“LOVELY” is an upbeat acoustic pop track that accentuates Minzy’s vocal abilities. Minzy wrote the lyrics for the song as a message to herself as well as her fans.

Check out the beautiful music video below!

Source: soompi