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[TRANSLATION] MINZY At Her First Japan Fan Meeting (LiveEN)

[Tokyo Reporter – Toshiki Aoyama] The first Japanese performance of Gong Minzy, who left 2NE1 to go solo, was held on May 5th, Children’s Day, at Tokyo Hitotsubashi Hall.

As Minzy appeared on the stage to perform “NINANO”, which was released last April, a huge roar echoed from the crowd.

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[ARTICLE] Minzy’s Interview With ON.CC

From Korean girl group “2NE1” Minzy had a joint concert with MYTEEN in HK. She came to HK many times and when asked about her impression of HK? Minzy said, “HK is a fashionable place when I came the first time, and there are very kind people, I want to live in HK for a month to experience HK culture, if I had the chance.”

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[ARTICLE] Minzy And Somi Mentioned In soompi’s “8 Adorable Times K-Pop Idols Interacted With Their Role Models And Ideal Types”

We like to think that idols are just as charismatic off stage as they are on it, but the truth is, idols are just as awkward as we are! They’re even more awkward next to their favorite celebrities. In no particular order, here are eight times K-pop idols were completely starstruck upon finally interacting with their inspirations and ideal types.

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