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[ARTICLE] 2NE1 Mentioned on soompi’s “10 MAMA Stages That Bedazzled Us Over The Last Decade”

2020 is finally here. Many of you have been reminiscing over your most memorable moments in the last decade, and since Soompi is all about K-pop, what better way to celebrate the new year than to look back on some of the most iconic MAMA stages to date!

The popular award show has had many names since launching in 1999 and its ceremony format saw many changes throughout the years. In 2009, it was reborn into what we know today as the Mnet Asian Music Awards. The early years witnessed a handful of sets brought to you by the talented second generation of idols with amazing performances, such as a nostalgic tribute to their seniors in 2008. Recently MAMA bears many more exciting additions, from being held outside Korea in neighboring places such as Macau, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, and Hong Kong, to introducing concept-based stages that illuminate our screens at the end of every year.

While we would love to mention every act that has graced the MAMA stage, the stages below are some of the most memorable ones per year. Here is, in chronological order, some of MAMA’s most impressive performances from the last decade.

6. CL & 2NE1 – “The Baddest Female,” “Hello Bitches,” “Fire” (2015)

This is perhaps one of the most mentioned MAMA stages of all time, and for good reason. It’s common knowledge that CL has an incredible stage presence that lights up the atmosphere, and this MAMA performance of her solo releases is proof. But what fans weren’t expecting at the time was 2NE1 hitting the stage together one last time. This performance undoubtedly caused an emotional roller coaster and granted us a moment to remember.

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[ARTICLE] 2NE1’S “I AM THE BEST” Mentioned On soompi’s “20 K-Pop Songs That Defined The Past Decade”

2020 marks the start of a new decade, so it’s the perfect time to reminisce and take a walk through some of the best K-pop of the past one! K-pop has exploded over the past 10 years, bringing us countless dance hits, sizzling summer tracks, heart-wrenching ballads, and empowering anthems. Obviously the 2010s are filled with too many well-deserving hits to name on one list, but the 20 songs featured here pushed boundaries to infuse K-pop with exciting new sounds, achieved immense popularity, and became K-pop classics that truly defined the 2010s. So to ring in 2020, here are 20 songs that defined the past decade, in order of their release!

3. “I Am The Best” — 2NE1 (2011)

2NE1 was one of the defining K-pop acts of this decade, and their versatile discography featured hits ranging from the wistful “Lonely” to the reggae/hip-hop “Come Back Home.” But “I Am The Best” is their crowning jewel: a badass proclamation of self-confidence featuring the girls decked out in leather and spikes, literally smashing records — as if we needed a reminder that they’re K-pop royalty! The song was featured on American TV shows and commercials years after its release, proving that this hit never gets old.

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[TRANSLATION] Minzy On “Star’s Library”

[Star’s Library-<8>Singer Gong Minji]
“I want to share my thoughts with someone I love…I’ll give you a wedding present”

Park Joon’s anthology ‘Your Name…’
Peculiarly witty set of styles
‘Human Disqualification’ ‘The Wish of the Hedgehog’
I’m going to look back on the meaning of solitude.

The 8th star of ‘Star’s Library’ former 2NE1 member Gong Minji is at Kyobo Bookstore at Gwanghwamun reading poet Park Joon’s ‘It Took Me A Few Days To Erase Your Name’.

[SEDaily] Girl group 2NE1’s maknae (youngest), Gong Minji (25 in the picture), who dominated the stage with challenging, provocative eyes and facial expressions. While boldly singing the lyrics to “I AM THE BEST”, she was irrefutably a top star of the day. Although 2NE1 disbanded, Gong Minji, who is still active here and abroad, was invited as the 8th star for “Star’s Library”.

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[ADMIN POST] In The Eye Of The Storm (Part 2)

Some thoughts for you today…
I’m hoping that Minzy is doing well and I hope she knows that we are on her side. What I really want to get into is her situation with Music Works. I’m wondering how they persuaded her to join the company. In hindsight, we can clearly see that the acts under said company have very few releases. Not to mention that what they do put out are usually singles or (short) mini-albums. I don’t even remember Baek Z Young having much (if anything) released under the label. In this respect, I wish that Minzy would have done her due diligence by researching the company. Then again, I’m very sure she didn’t expect them to do her this dirty.

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