[ADMIN POST] In The Eye Of The Storm (Part 2)

Some thoughts for you today…
I’m hoping that Minzy is doing well and I hope she knows that we are on her side. What I really want to get into is her situation with Music Works. I’m wondering how they persuaded her to join the company. In hindsight, we can clearly see that the acts under said company have very few releases. Not to mention that what they do put out are usually singles or (short) mini-albums. I don’t even remember Baek Z Young having much (if anything) released under the label. In this respect, I wish that Minzy would have done her due diligence by researching the company. Then again, I’m very sure she didn’t expect them to do her this dirty.

Now onto this company. (I use this term loosely) I’m just disgusted by the behavior that I’ve heard they’ve exhibited. The fact that they think it’s okay to not compensate Minzy for her work… I can’t! I get that she doesn’t care about the money, but she shouldn’t have to work for free! Minzy may as well have gone independent. (She would have actually recouped some money.) Which brings me to… that MakeStar project. You remember, the one that was started so Minzy could have some money for her first project under the company? What kind of company has the artist fund their own debut through the fans? (I get it, it was a special thing for fans, but that was the first sign that something was wrong with this company.)

The fact that they didn’t have enough money for Minzy to get to do a mini-album… (This was not an album, or a multi album project. It was a mini album of (technically) five songs. A lot of times, projects like these happen after at least one comeback, not a debut. Usually because the company, mostly small ones, doesn’t have enough money to “keep up the momentum” with new releases.)

Onto my next point: it’s clear that this company has been using Minzy’s name for clout. Last time I checked their IG, they were no longer following Minzy, but they were still following her fan club page… (?) Not to mention that her hashtag is on their IG bio…(?) Fair game, since Minzy un-followed them a while back. However, this is after their statement that they “planned” to give her activities through the end of the year. (I already thought that statement was just a PR stunt.) Which one is it? Are you showing her support, or are you not? Signs point to them leaving Minzy to fend for herself, as she has been doing for a while. They can do all this, but they refuse to let her go? Really?

Last point: I’m wondering how long this contract is. Most artists formerly of a big company don’t bother signing long term contracts, as it is usually of no benefit to them. Honestly, long term contracts are beneficial to the company, as they are much harder to break. Most idols sign those types of long term contracts with the company that makes them big. It makes things easier if they sign a short term contract, as it is much more simple to get out of if they’re not satisfied with the overall treatment they’re getting from the company. We know that this contract is at least four years long.

I’m thinking that Minzy saw a benefit to signing for so long. She probably thought that they would have her best interests at heart and she would have their support. As we can see now, this was not the case. It’s a shame, as when Minzy signed the contract, she was still young (22) and, it seems, naïve as to how the industry works after being in one company for over a decade. From what I can see, Music Works took advantage of that. It’s such a shame that Minzy has to settle this in court, not even two weeks after her birthday. I’m wishing her all the best.

With all that said, I’m hoping that history will not repeat itself. Minzy, please do all the research you can on the next company you join. (As I do believe that you will have your day in court. I do think that you will win.) Don’t be swayed by kinds words, and please look at the facts. If you do end up going independent, I would not be mad at you. No matter what, we’re here for you.

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