[ARTICLE] 2NE1 Members Share Handwritten Messages For The Group’s 10th Anniversary

On May 17 KST, Minzy and Park Bom took to social media to share messages that 2NE1 had written for their 10th debut anniversary.

On Twitter, Minzy wrote to Blackjacks, “We love you always” and shared a collage of the messages that the 2NE1 members had written. Minzy and Park Bom also uploaded the same collage to Instagram.

In the collage, CL had written, “Blackjack!! You guyz are the best fans on Earth!!! I feel blessed to have you by my side for 10(!) years. I’m always grateful. I love you fourever. Lee Chae Rin.”

Minzy wrote, “Happy 10th Year Anniversary” and signed her name, while Sandara Park drew a caricature of herself with her iconic hairdo and wrote, “Happy 10th year anniversary!!! 2NE1 & Blackjacks. From, Dara.”

Park Bom posted a photo of herself with a message written on a promo picture of “4:44.” It reads, “Happy 10th year anniversary!!! Everyone, this is Bom. Have you been listening and watching to the broadcast, It’s Bom?? I miss y’all. Always LUV for 2NE1, thanx for your love and support.”

A little later, Sandara Park posted the collage on her Twitter and wrote, “Congratulations x21 to Blackjack and 2NE1 on our 10th debut anniversary! I am always grateful and I love you!!! (P.S. I just finished work and I’m late.)”

2NE1 made their debut in 2009 with the hit song “Fire.” Their first performance of “Fire” was on SBS’s “Inkigayo” on May 17, 2009, making May 17, 2019 their 10th year anniversary.

Source: soompi

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