[ARTICLE] Minzy And Somi Mentioned In soompi’s “8 Adorable Times K-Pop Idols Interacted With Their Role Models And Ideal Types”

We like to think that idols are just as charismatic off stage as they are on it, but the truth is, idols are just as awkward as we are! They’re even more awkward next to their favorite celebrities. In no particular order, here are eight times K-pop idols were completely starstruck upon finally interacting with their inspirations and ideal types.

Jeon Somi becomes group-mates with childhood inspiration Gong Minzy

Could you imagine joining a girl group with the very artist who first inspired you to pursue music? All of the stars definitely aligned for Somi when role model Gong Minzy joined the cast of “Sister’s Slam Dunk 2.” In fact, Somi was so starstruck by Minzy she couldn’t even turn to look at her.

Through filming for the show, Somi’s fan admiration quickly transitioned into a strong friendship with the veteran singer. The two became close friends, and Gong Minzy documents their friendship in several selfies on her Instagram account.

Source: soompi


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