[INTERVIEW] Jeon Somi Mentions Minzy On Star News (July 5, 2017)

I asked this during Hong Jin Young’s interview. I’ll also ask for Somi’s interview. Who is the 1st in terms of appearance, dance and singing.
Appearance is Kim Sook unnie. Yewon unnie improved a lot in dance. Minzy unnie is orginally good at it. Jin Young unnie is originally good in singing. While “Unnies 2” doesn’t seem to suit [her], I think it’s a well-suited combination.

Since Gong Minzy also started from being an idol, she’s probably more dependable.
I wanted to be a singer after watching 2NE1 sunbaenim. Minzy unnie is really an important person to me. I’ve never imagined I would be close to her. Now I’m Happy that I’m comfortable with her that we can even joke around. Being able to know Minzy unnie is really one of the most memorable things in my life.

Source: Naver
Translation: JEONSOMI_INTL


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