[ADMIN POST] sohly’s Review Of “MINZY WORK 01 UNO”

To think, just over a year ago, we were hearing about Minzy leaving YG Entertainment. Now, after signing with Music Works, her first fan meeting, several magazine pictorials, movie premieres, and some TV show appearances, Minzy’s finally come out with some music! This mini-album is very significant, not just because it’s Minzy’s first solo effort, but because it’s a new beginning. A transformation. From a sheltered young girl to a blossoming young woman. A young woman who is slowly coming out of her shell. A young woman who has more opportunities afforded to her now than she’s ever had in the past couple of years.

After a year, and one that wasn’t easy, Minzy’s finally able to express herself musically. And I do think she made herself heard. Here’s my review.

NI NA NO – Not the nightmare people are making it out to be. But it feels incomplete. It was missing something, but I can’t put my finger on what. (A switch up around the chorus, perhaps?) The song did feel a bit flat, but I mostly put that on production. But it definitely had potential.

Superwoman – Alright! A girl anthem! I love that it’s very uplifting.

ING – I never realized how much I missed Minzy on a reggae beat. But she makes it work on this song! Definitely a summer song. Love it!

Flashlight – Okay! I also missed Minzy on an R&B beat. I like that Minzy’s on her grown and sexy on this song without things going overboard. Her voice and Jay’s also complement each other very well. I’d love to see the two of them perform this!

Beautiful Lie – Come through, composer Minzy! Girl did great job on the first song she co-composed. So emotional. Great to hear Minzy’s range. (Both emotionally and vocally.) Is it me, or does this sound like it could be an OST song? Just me? Okay…

Final Thoughts: Minzy released a solid debut. The great thing about this mini is that even if you don’t like one song, you’re bound to find something you DO like. Yay for variety! Honestly, Minzy can only get better after this. Congratulations, Minzy for finally being able to release something that fully represents you!

Rating: 8/10

Personal Favorites: ING, Flashlight


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