*This tutorial will be updated whenever there are new methods of support which ifans can take part in

Minzy will be releasing her 1st solo mini-album entitled ‘MINZY WORK 01 UNO’ this coming April 17th at 12PM KST.

Since this will be her first ever solo album, this tutorial has been prepared for international fans to show their support for her. If you have any questions or need any help, please contact via Twitter @GlobalMinzy @theEROMAKNAE

Tutorial Content:

  • Online Purchase
  • Physical Album Purchase
  • Online Support



Minzy’s mini-album, consisting of 6 tracks in total, will be released online digitally. To show your support for her, do make sure to purchase the album or singles legally via one of these (or all of these) methods:


First, make sure that you have an iTunes account that you can use to purchase from the iTunes store. Then, search for ‘Minzy’ in the iTunes store. The latest singles and albums that are under her name will appear in the results (E.g. Rebel: Thief Who Stole The People Soundtrack) as seen below. Click on the album/singles that you wish to purchase and tada, your part of the support will be done (:



Minzy’s album will most probably be released on Spotify too. Similar to iTunes, ensure that you have a Spotify account first. Those who have a premium account will be able to download the tracks onto your devices as well.

Search for ‘Minzy’ and her latest album/singles will appear in the results (E.g. The Rebel OST). From there, you can save the tracks, add them to your playlists, and download them too (for Premium users). Make sure to continuously stream the songs/album! Minzy’s Rebel OST had over a 100K listeners last month.


Help contribute to Minzy’s physical sales by purchasing her physical album too. Below are the ways in which your purchase will count towards Hanteo & Gaon charts in Korea – charts which can be used to determine awards in the future. Pre-order is available now.


Sales from YesAsia have long been counted towards Hanteo & Gaon charts. Before purchasing, ensure you have an account and credit card/PayPal that you can use to order Minzy’s album. There are two options available on Yes Asia.

GMarket Global

On GMarket, make your purchases through the distributor ‘synnara’ & ‘applemusic’ who have stated that their sales count towards charts in Korea. Similar to YesAsia, ensure you have an account and credit card/PayPal that you can use to make your order.


Kong Minzy Solo Album Celebratory Project: https://www.makestar.co/projects/singer_kongminzy/?locale=en

If you aren’t already aware, Minzy is conducting a MakeStar project where donations can be used to purchase a physical signed copy of her first album, and other merchandises too if you are purchasing the bigger sets. If you are unable to contribute financially, spreading the word about this project will be of help too. Although this project has already hit its 100% target, it is still ongoing and the sets are unlimited. Take note that partial profit from this donation project will be sent to a Single Mothers Shelter.

This MakeStar project ends on May 08.

*Note: These copies of Minzy’s album will NOT count towards Hanteo and Gaon charts. However, you can still support Minzy’s Makestar Project.


Besides purchasing the album and continuously streaming the songs via Spotify, below are a few other methods in which you can help to promote Minzy’s 1st solo album:

  1. YouTube Views

We will conduct a mass-streaming event for fans to help increase Minzy’s music video views, so do look out for our announcement on our Twitter accounts (@GlobalMinzy @theEROMAKNAE)! Join in the fun with all of us when this takes place.

  1. Youtube Reactors

To help increase the views for her music video and awareness that she has finally debuted as a solo, get active in asking Youtube reactors to react to her music video! This includes both reactors in the Kpop world and YT reactors in general. Examples: JREKML, Fomo Daily.

  1. Twitter Trend + Twibbon

On the day of Minzy’s album release, we will be conducting a Twitter trend party. Do look out for the announcement of the celebratory hashtag to use via our Twitter accounts and join in the fun with all the other Minzy fans who have been waiting for this moment for a very long time! The hashtag can be used anytime you are talking about the album (:

Add a #Twibbon! Created by a fellow POS @SoloMinzy, join in the fun of adding a #Twibbon to your Twitter DP to support Minzy’s solo debut! There are a few designs to choose from:

1)  https://twibbon.com/support/minzy-work-01-uno-solo-debut
2) https://twibbon.com/support/minzy-work-01-uno-solo-debut-2
3) https://twibbon.com/Support/minzy-work-01-uno-solo-debut-5
4) https://twibbon.com/Support/minzy-work-01-uno-solo-debut-6
5) https://twibbon.com/Support/minzy-work-01-uno-solo-debut-3
6) https://twibbon.com/Support/minzy-work-01-uno-solo-debut-4

  1. Talk About It / Promote

Promote the album and the music video on your social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc) and share the link for streaming/purchase with others, even on forums such as OneHallyu or Reddit. Talk about it with friends outside of the Internet. Use the celebratory hashtag when sharing links to purchase her album or sharing the music video.

  1. Supportive Messages

As this is Minzy’s 1st step forward alone, we hope all Minzy fans will be there to give her strength throughout the promotions for this album. As longtime Minzy fans, we feel that we have a part in reminding everyone that Minzy’s fanbase is honestly not very big, both internationally and domestically in South Korea – although Music Works might be helping to change that with their promotions of Minzy lately. We are not sure how the South Korean public will react to Minzy’s solo as this will be their, and our, first time in seeing how Minzy stands alone musically. Thus, we hope everyone keep your expectations realistic and that you keep in mind that this is only Minzy’s 1st album. No matter what the outcome for the album turns out to be, we hope you keep leaving her encouraging messages through her Instagram or Twitter. The strength in Minzy’s character is that she keeps on improving in her craft. We hope to keep on encouraging her to continue doing that as she reaches out for her dreams and ambitions. Let’s do this POS! For Minzy 💕

Thanks to GlobalMinzy and theEROMAKNAE for coming up with this!


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