[ARTICLE] Exclusive: Gong Minji, Dance Title Track…Lee Ki Baek Directed And Shot MV On The 4th

On April 5th, it was reported by multiple officials that Minzy has finished recording her MV yesterday which went from dawn until early hours of this morning in Namyangju.

Minzy’s MV was produced by Lee Gi Baek who has produced many famous MVs for the industry and has an amazing sense of color.

Minzy has completed shooting for her MV, and the title will also include rapper Flowsik.

Minzy is known for her dancing since being a member of 2NE1, her solo debut as well will be showcasing her talent and the come back of her dance moves with a dance track.

Minzy is planning to releases teasers for her solo debut from the 6th up to the 17th, which is the date of her solo debut. In addition, she will also be releasing music of her own work in her first mini-album MINZY WORK 01 UNO, which will be released April 17th.

Source: Naver
Translation: balloon_wanted


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