[NETIZENS] Masked Singer (Gong Minzy)

tv Report via Naver: Kim Yeon Woo to Gong Minzy, mesmerizing 2nd year anniversary 
1. [+4,570, -99] Park Bom was 2NE1’s main vocal and Gong Minzy was the alto vocalist but she’s always been well-rounded. She’s a dancer, vocalist and rapper.. Please do lots of solo promos!
2. [+4,227, -113] Gong Minzy is amazing at singing..
3. [+3,674, -114] Gong Minzy’s definitely not someone who’d be eliminated in the first round. What a shame
4. [+2,282, -132] So Hyang noona though, who can defeat her? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
5. [+1,539, -60] So Hyang finally came..
6. [+511, -10] Why make Gong Minzy and So Hyang compete in the 1st round? What’s up with today’s structure?
7. [+489, -10] After leaving YG, Gong Minzy’s appearing in more variety shows and she’s even releasing an album. She seems so much happier
8. [+437, -14] Gong Minzy’s vocal color is so nice.. She sounded mature in her interview

Source: kkul-jaem


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