[NETIZENS] Gong Minzy To Release An OST For ‘Rebel’




Naver- Sports Dong A: Gong Minzy’s first move after withdrawing from 2NE1… to participate in OST for Rebel

1. [+762, -34] Her vocal color is nice. Can’t wait!

2. [+555, -22] Minzy~~ You’ll have a lot more stuff to show from now on since you weren’t able to the whole time^^ Hope to see you sing and dance a lot on variety!

3. [+495, -20] Her voice is so good! I’ll look forward to it~!

4. [+350, -19] Looking forward to it!

5. [+293, -19] Can’t wait~

6. [+81, -9] Gong Minzy’s seriously underrated considering the amount of talent she has. She hardly lacks anything, she was in charge of dance but she got the least push in 2NE1

7. [+61, -7] Seeing news like this makes me realize that she did well for leaving YG.. She got neglected too much. Hope you make it big~

8. [+54, -6] I wish the best for her. She dropped out of high school just to focus on 2NE1 but Yang Hyun Suk barely gave her the support and only kept her in his treasure chest

9. [+48, -6] She bursts with charms in Unnie’s Slam Dunk, her vocal color is great and dances wellㅎㅎ Wishing things will turn out well for you!!!!♥

10. [+45, -5] Gong Minzy’s vocals are top notchㅎㅎㅎ fighting

Source: kkuljaem


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