[ADMIN POST] 2016: The Year With Minzy


A Brand New Start

2016. The year of ups and downs. There were many highs and lows. Some surprises and some things we saw coming. Let’s recap it all. Shall we?


2016 came in calmly for Minzy, like the year before it. Then, in February, we had gotten news that Minzy would be featured in the March issue of W Magazine Korea. Of course with the pictorial’s title being “Dancing Body”, how could anyone resist? It was nice seeing Minzy back in dancing form. And the pictures weren’t too bad either!


March brought a red carpet appearance. My, did Minzy look gorgeous at the VIP Premiere for the movie “Joy”! Didn’t she look like she was glowing? She was a bit covered up, but still looked very stylish in her beige coat.

April was a tough month. YG Entertainment had announced that Minzy was leaving the company, after deciding not to renew her contract. What a headline. Even though news in April was non-existent, that one story sent shockwaves. Let’s just say April and May were pretty tough months for everyone. Even more so having to wait for Minzy’s statement while people around were speaking for her. (Unfortunately, even if they didn’t intend to, they ended up making Minzy look bad.) But eventually, Minzy found herself a new company, The Music Works.


Then came June. Minzy went to Taiwan for a MRKT5 Grand Opening event, looking gorgeous! Her dress was just simply stunning, even thought it was quite simple.

minzy-instyle-2 minzy-instyle-35770e186b70cf576d1f9041746

She then stayed behind to shoot for Instyle Magazine Taiwan and Juksy Magazine.


In July, we got some great pictures from Minzy’s new company. Her concept photos, which had a feminine look to them, were still very much Minzy. Our girl was just a bit more grown up.

Cout99QUIAEzd5I.jpg large

Then came August. Minzy first fan meeting! Yep, it finally happened. On August 13, Minzy held a small, intimate fan meeting for a couple of her fans (local and international). There were games, a cake to celebrate, and fans even enjoyed a meal, courtesy of Minzy herself! All in all, a good time.


Then came some more concept photos! They looked so exquisite.


We then saw Minzy attend another premiere. This one for the movie “The Age Of Shadows”, where she was casually dressed.


We can’t forget Minzy’s Singles Magazine pictorial, right?! I know I can’t! Minzy revisited the tomboy, badass look we’ve come to know her for. Except this time, it looked a bit more high-fashion.


Next comes October. Minzy got to throw the first pitch at the “SK Wyverns vs. Samsung Lions” game. In case you forgot how much of an athlete Minzy is, she still has it!


In November, we saw another attendance. This time Minzy was at the VIP Premiere for the documentary movie “Obedience”, with a much more relaxed look on the carpet.

In December, Minzy hinted at some things that were soon to come. First, she participated in the Elle x Jo Malone Project “The Joy Of Gifting” along with her labelmates Kim Sohee and U Sung Eun. We saw these three get into the spirit and be friendly. Lovely video. To end the year, Minzy Claus decided to deliver some presents to some of her fans (who had entered a contest).

With that, we had an accompanying video showing the adventures of Minzy Claus herself!~ What a great way to end the year!

As many of you might already know, 2016 has been quite an eventful year for Minzy. Once she left 2NE1 back in April, things did look a bit bleak for fans. But in time, a lot of us were able to see that Minzy made that decision for herself. (In light of the disbandment of 2NE1, it seemed to be for the best.) We now look forward to next year and what it will bring. We all know that Minzy’s been working on her solo debut. Little by little, with every update, we get a little more excited. Even though the wait has been a long one, we know it will be worth it to see Minzy back up on stage performing her heart out. We wish her all the best, and we can’t wait for what she’s got in store for us.~ Happy New Year!~

Here are some backgrounds!

bjljhkhf bjljhkhf-2 bjljhkhf-3 bjljhkhf-4


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