[PROJECT] “New Beginning” – Minzy’s 24th Birthday Project


GlobalMinzy is back with another birthday project.
Along with United Minzy Fans, we hope to do another
successful birthday project for Minzy.

Minzy is beginning a new chapter in her life and we would like
to show her that her fans are still supporting and waiting for her.


Samples from picturebooks


We will be compiling messages and fanart for the
message book we will be producing for Minzy.
Message should not be more than 200 characters.
Please do your best to relate your message and fanart to this project’s
theme which is ‘New Beginning’.
Our e-mail is: contact.globalminzy@gmail.com
Deadline: is on December 15, 2016


The cake we sent Minzy last year. We will update with the new layout soon.


2mwzxqg9We’ve successfully sent flowers to Minzy
before and we hope to do it again.


Goal: $600

Our paypal is globalminzydonations@gmail.com 
Once you donate, kindly email/DM us the following:
Paypal Account:

or simply click this link: paypal.me/globalminzy

Any amount is greatly appreciated!

If you do not have paypal but would like to donate through
local bank accounts, please mention the following:
Canada – @smsisita
Philippines – @minzyismz

If you would like to help us collect donations
in your country, send us a private message
on twitter!

Special thanks to GlobalMinzy for spearheading such a wonderful birthday project!


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