[ADMIN POST] Trials And Tribulations

* Author’s Note: This post was actually supposed to go up sometime in October, but given the circumstances, it’s probably best to post this up now.

grab01996As we prepare for an inevitable solo debut from Minzy, and now the disbandment of 2NE1, I must say, these past few months have been rough. Join me as I recap what has happened since Minzy decided not to renew her contract at YG Entertainment back in April.

Of course, as you know, the announcement came in April came that Minzy did not renew her contract. More than likely, you probably felt a bit of shock and sadness. As time went on, right around May, there seemed to be a sense of peace and acceptance. We then knew that Minzy leaving was official.

Then, there seemed to be a bit of tension in the air. Whether it was that Minzy didn’t address 2NE1 and why she left, or that she only mentioned her fans as opposed to Blackjacks, or that her loved ones were making statements on her behalf (as opposed to Minzy speaking for herself), Minzy got terribly mistreated. All of a sudden, she was a snake.


And if she wasn’t a snake then, she certainly became one after her MRKT5 appearance. A translation popped up (obviously some malicious gossip) about Minzy being asked something along the lines of what she thought of being on her own as opposed to being in a group. To which she said something along the lines of “4 people or 1 person, it’s just a number change”. When in fact, Minzy didn’t even take any questions about the group. However, the damage had been done, even when Minzy tried to calm down the easily swayed public. (Let’s say Minzy really did make those comments she was rumored to have spoken. How is it that it got no more coverage than that one Chinese article? Do you really think all of these other news websites (like Allkpop or Koreaboo) would have missed out on such a story? Believe what you want, but there’s a reason why this rumor didn’t grow outside the couple of people who took it seriously.)

Minzy couldn’t make an update (and she made plenty) without somebody making a snake emoji comment. Just a series of these sorts of comments. I don’t know she made it through that.

Eventually, these comments died down, but they still exist. It’s just as sad seeing comments asking why Minzy left 2NE1, even a good couple of months after she left. Or comments calling her a traitor, either for leaving or for not showing her former members any support online.

To clear things up, if you will: Minzy more than likely CAN’T discuss the circumstances surrounding her leaving 2NE1. More than likely, Minzy had signed a non-disclosure agreement, and if she spoke, she would probably get taken to court. This is not limited to Minzy or YG Entertainment: there are a lot of  groups (some who are on indefinite hiatus, and are usually in small companies) who can’t even discuss when they are coming back, or why they haven’t made a comeback in such a long time.

Remember, kids: what you see ain’t always what you get. Especially on the internet. Everyone accusing Minzy of somehow betraying her former members or somehow being selfish is wrong. They’re going by what they see. More importantly, Minzy was more than likely NOT trying to distance herself from 2NE1 the group (as in, her former members, the girls she’s known for a good part of her life). If anything, it seems that Minzy was trying to distance herself from 2NE1 the name. For years, Minzy was known as “Minzy of 2NE1”. You know CL. You know Dara. You know Bom. See the difference?

Again, how did people expect Minzy to break away so easily from her former members? The girls she known for at least a decade. Really? Obviously, that whole OT4 that everyone loved so much didn’t really exist. As to Minzy showing her members some or no online support, Minzy hasn’t done promo for any of her former members when she was in 2NE1, so why would she start now? Let’s not even mention that tweet that Minzy probably felt forced to tweet:


The fact that the other girls have shown Minzy some love (in the subtlest of ways, when they’re under no obligation to do so) and she has done the same shows me that all 4 of them still have a relationship.


As for the people who say Minzy was somehow wrong or selfish for leaving, or saying who she should or should not be following: you’re also wrong, 2NE1 hasn’t made a comeback in 2 years (I feel bad for anyone who actually believed they would come back, conveniently announced after Minzy’s departure.), and the only thing happening right now is CL’s American debut. Was Minzy just supposed to wait for so long without doing anything? (She spent all of 2015 updating her Instagram and nothing else.) She had expressed the desire to have a solo career as far back as 2013. Apparently, Minzy couldn’t even get a song on an album. All the girls have wants, too. It’s not fair to see everyone else get what they want, while she gets nothing. Was Minzy just supposed to find satisfaction in just being a member of 2NE1?

Add to this the fact that 2NE1 has now disbanded, and it seems that Minzy made a choice for her future. I feel that 2NE1’s disbanding was NOT the decision of the members, but rather something they decided to go along with. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll ever get an answer as to the circumstances surrounding their breakup.

More importantly, how pathetic is it that people are telling Minzy who she is or isn’t following online. (Or who she should or shouldn’t follow.) You don’t even know what Minzy does in real life, but somehow who she’s following is so important.

As a last note, most of the people who are now so against Minzy are more than likely people who paid her no attention while she was in the group. However, now that she’s gone, and OT4 is no more (publically), they have to complain (and she continues to be a scapegoat).

grab00314As we wait for Minzy to make a debut (as we are now into the fall/winter season, I think Minzy will debut with a ballad), I just hope that Minzy is happy and that she gets to do what she wants. I hope she knows how strong she is, and that all she’s been through is in preparation for all the good that’s to come. In fact, I hope all the members of 2NE1 are able to move on and achieve their dreams, too. All the girls deserve that. They all deserve so much better than what they got.



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