[TWITTER] Minzy Is Not Phased (July 1, 2016)

A/N: This tweet is an obvious reference to the response Minzy got after an article on her had surfaced. This article was about Minzy at the MRKT5 Opening. Minzy was supposedly answering a question about being out of 2NE1. Something along the lines of: “Before you were in a group of 4 members, now you’re on your own. How does it feel?” Minzy supposedly responded with: 4 members or 1 member, it’s just number differences.” It was later revealed that a tabloid reporter was behind this rumor. (There were other articles that dispel this rumor.) Let this be a lesson to you that you mustn’t believe every single thing you hear. Let this also teach you that just because something has a translation attached to it, doesn’t mean it’s legit. Even legitimate news sources can spread rumors and get it wrong. If you still believe that Minzy said this, then you’re entitled to your opinion. However, make sure your opinion has formed after having all the facts, and NOT prematurely, or because you’re simply NOT Minzy’s #1 fan. Thank you for your understanding.


Source: Minzy’s Twitter


One thought on “[TWITTER] Minzy Is Not Phased (July 1, 2016)

  1. mila

    I hate it that people blaming her for 2ne1 disband and saying she don’t care about BJ. I think she can’t reference to 2ne1, and BJ because of YG.
    She ended the contract with him, and he take down everythink about her in YG web. Acording to web 2NE1 from day 1 was 3 persons. This should get people to think what kind of power have YG.


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