[TRANSLATION] Minzy’s Interview For JUSKY Magazine (June 28, 2016)


[JUKSY GIRL] Don’t Call Me Maknae, I Am My Own Goddess – Minzy, Gong Minji

“In the heart of an icy queen lies an adorable girl” was my first impression of Minzy. This is Minzy’s first time meeting the media after her departure from 2NE1. “This atmosphere’s too strong!”, exclaimed the staff present when the cameras were on Minzy, capturing her superior gaze. The moment the cameras were off, she became like a humble little girl, smiling and bowing continuously to the people around her.


In 2006, when Minzy was in the sixth grade, a video of her dancing went viral, catching the attention of YG Entertainment, one of Korea’s top three entertainment companies. She then signed on to become a trainee and junior to top boy band Big Bang. With her powerful dance skills and vocals, Minzy successfully joined 2NE1 as the maknae (youngest) of the group. Even though she was the youngest, she was the group’s lead singer, rapper, and main dancer, affirming her skills.


After Minzy went solo, she has become more self-confident. Her outfit on the day of the shoot was a full white dress with spaghetti straps, a contrast to her previously cool and handsome image, showing that she is satisfied with her change in styling. Minzy, with a sweet sway of her dress, successfully overcame the image she was given when she was in her group. The Minzy now is the most real image of herself.


Say Hi to JUKSY readers!
Minzy: Hi JUKSY, I am Minzy. It is an honour to become a JUKSY Girl! I am deeply happy to see everyone.

Is this your first time in Taiwan? How do you feel about Taiwan?
Minzy: It’s been a long time since I came, I am thankful for the warm welcome from everyone. When I first arrived at the airport, I could really feel the fans’ warm welcome. With regards to how I feel about being here in Taiwan, I profusely show my love and thankfulness to be here. I will work even harder to return my fans’ support!


Introduce your usual sense of style.
Minzy: I like feminine and classy styles, such as a dress that accentuates a female’s curves or  an off-shoulder one piece. I really like them!


Minzy is about to start anew in another label. What is something different fans can expect from you in the future?
Minzy’ Following everyone’s expectations, I will let everyone see and hear diversified styles of music. I will see everyone soon with this image!

What’s your ideal type of man?
Minzy: Someone who’s manly but has a tinge of cute is my ideal type!


Lastly, say a few words to the fans who love you!
Minzy: Dear Taiwanese fans, I am honoured and happy to be here today as a JUKSY Girl. It also feels special to be able to meet everyone like this. I hope you’ll continue liking me a lot!

Source: JUKSY
Translation: bominzys

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