[ADMIN POST] 2NE1: 7 Years Later (In Retrospect) Part 5: 2014-Present


We celebrate all of 2NE1’s accomplishments as they celebrate their 7th anniversary and Minzy strikes out on her own.

2014 to Present

12Well, 2014 got off to a promising start, with teasers for the upcoming All Or Nothing World Tour. The girls were determined to make a strong comeback, both on stage and on the music scene. Of course, if there was a tour, then there had to be music, right? Right! Mid-February, we heard that 2NE1 would be coming back with a full length album. Then, we knew  a comeback was around the corner when the teasers came out!

Needless to say, the teasers were exquisite. It was nice to see 2NE1 back in form. Being fierce and different, as they have always been. Crush was released on February 27, 2014. Crush went yfdidon be another hit for 2NE1. Why wouldn’t it be? The album, top to bottom, was nothing but hits. “Come Back Home”, “GOTTA BE YOU”, and “Happy” were chosen as the title tracks. “Come Back Home” ended up being the big hit off the album. 2NE1’s first comeback performance (on Inkigayo) occurred after their first concert dates in Seoul. The girls performed “Crush” and “Come Back Home”. Of course, 2NE1 performances are just so effortless. They make broadcast stages look like concert stages. (I also kind of wish Crush was also a title track.)

With that, 2NE1 went on to promote Crush while on their tour. We saw them juggling domestic activities with their travels. The All Or Nothing Tour ended up being a whirlwind tour for 2NE1. Although it shouldn’t really be considered a World Tour (more of an Asia Tour), 2NE1 stepped it up this time around. They had a new team of people to help set up this new tour. From visual effects to a new band, everything was new and improved.

It was fun seeing 2NE1 travel from country to country. Whether touring on their own, or with their label mates,  2NE1 made sure to put on a show. (Check out the Gallery for pictures!)

2NE1 even promoted in Japan. They released a Japanese Version of Crush. Everything seemed to be going well. Then strikes scandal. Bom’s prescription drug “scandal” from 2010 all of a sudden blows up. How unfortunate, but such is life. Even with that, all of 2NE1 continued to fulfill their contractual obligations. Bom was last seen that year on December 20th.

76So, at first, 2NE1 had planned to perform on the yearend shows, even after Bom’s scandal. However, we had heard otherwise. Then, it was decided that 2NE1 would perform at the 2014 SBS Gayo Daejun. This was on December 21st. If you’ve seen the performance, you can tell it was different. Not just because Bom wasn’t there, but because 2NE1 seemed to be out for blood. Not one member was smiling on that stage. They were sending a message loud and clear: 2NE1 was FOUREVER. They would not go on without their fellow member. 2NE1 also went on to accept an award that night. (In fact, it was the only reason they attended the show.)

With all this, Crush was the highest charting K-Pop album on Billboard’s Top 200 chart (no. 61) and the best selling (6.000 copies). The album ended up accumulating over 5,000,000 rktjhjeiorhirdownloads. Crush went on to be spotlighted by Billboard, Rolling Stone, Noisey, Fuse, and many other Western music and entertainment sites. Crush also ended up on many yearend lists of best pop (not just K-Pop) albums. Not bad for a girl group whose last album was released four years before, eh?

2015 came and went quietly. Aside from an Adidas photo shoot, there was no news from the group, as the girls did their own things.

Then came December. CL was scheduled to perform at the Mnet Asian Music Awards. Little did we know of the surprise to come. CL brought the girls along for an impromptu performance of their big hits “Fire” and “I AM THE BEST”. We were all excited to see our girls once again on a stage. This performance was significant as it was Bom’s comeback performance. Little did we know this was also Minzy’s last performance. Anyway, our girls made sure to give it their all this time, as they always do.

Well, we’re at the end of this journey. It’s hard to believe that Minzy is no longer a member of 2NE1. However, she wants to make a name for herself and that’s understandable. We thank Minzy for her work while in 2NE1. We thank all our girls for all that they’ve given us. Inspiration, hope, tears (hopefully happy ones), great music, fabulous fashion sense, their love and their thanks. On this bittersweet 7th anniversary, we still celebrate everything 2NE1 has done and will continue to do. We also look forward to what Minzy will do as a solo artist. We can’t wait to see what all of our girls will do now. Happy 7th anniversary, 2NE1.


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