[ADMIN POST] 2NE1: 7 Years Later (In Retrospect) Part 4: 2012-2013


We once again celebrate 2NE1’s accomplishments as Minzy gets ready to make a name for herself.


2012 was probably not as busy as most of us would have liked for it to be. 2NE1 had a couple of performances here and there. Some on their own, and some with YG Family.

Then, in March, 2NE1 were to release their second Japanese single, “SCREAM”. This would precede their subsequent release, “COLLECTION”. Despite the song being a solid one, and a great accompanying video, the single was a flop. “SCREAM” only sold around 6,000 copies.

“COLLECTION”, a best of album of Japanese remakes, fared a bit better, selling 42,000 copies. We got to see 2NE1 rock something a bit different. Still in their aesthetic of being different, but new.

img_05982NE1 would end up going back and forth between Korea and Japan. From April until June, we would catch 2NE1 performing in both countries.

Then, in July, it was announced 2NE1 would be making a comeback! A single. Entitled “I LOVE YOU”. Wait. What? “I LOVE YOU”? Yes. There may have been reason to worry, but in fact, there wasn’t. 2NE1 had dabbled in the subject of love before. (“Let’s Go Party”, anybody?) Then again, 2NE1 were known for songs about break ups and girl power in general.

Nonetheless, “I LOVE YOU” was released on July 8, 2012. Guess what? It was another hit. The thing about “I LOVE YOU” was that lyrically, it sounded that something 2NE1 would sing. The song’s about a woman who is uncertain in her new-found obsession with love. It was also nice to see 2NE1 looking elegant and a bit softer than usual. Their first performance of their song caused a stir, with CL rocking a parrot on her shoulder on their intro. (The same intro that later became the basis of 2013’s “Falling In Love”. But more on that later.)

2ne1_648662Another great thing about 2NE1’s “I LOVE YOU” was the instrumental. Inspired by trot, this dance song sounded a lot less busy than prior songs. It’s okay, you can like “I LOVE YOU”.

In the midst of promoting “I LOVE YOU”, 2NE1 was also preparing for a World Tour.

2012. Not as busy, but busy nonetheless.


Then came 2013. A bumpy road, but 2NE1 at least ended on the high note. Once again, a quiet start. A couple performances again, but nothing else. Then, in May, we learned someone would come back. We didn’t know who. We then found out it would be CL with “THE BADDEST FEMALE”. The song was released in June 2013. It was a moderate success, accumulating over 500,000 downloads. This would be great if 2NE1 weren’t that big. However, seeing that 2NE1 was a part of the wall with SNSD, and CL is the leader, the numbers were disappointing.

62Then, in late June/early July, we got more news. 2NE1 would be coming back once a month from July until October, with an album coming at the end of the period. Our first single? “FALLING IN LOVE”. Anticipation was building since it had been a year since “I LOVE YOU”. On July 8, 2013, this song was released. “FALLING IN LOVE” wasn’t too bad. With its’ reggae inspired beat, 2NE1 were once again delving into the subject of love. The song didn’t do too badly on the charts. It didn’t clear 1 million download mark after GAON revised their charts, but it was downloaded over 885,000 times.

That, and we also saw 2NE1 promote like they were back in 2010/2011. The girls were no longer just on Inkigayo and M! Countdown. 2NE1 were back on Music Core. Seeing that YG acts in general were restricted to 2 music shows a week, it was refreshing to see.

Then on August 7, 2013, “DO YOU LOVE ME” was released. You see a theme here? A bit more up-tempo than its’ predecessor, “DO YOU LOVE ME” also came with a video that saw the girls’ adventures on Jeju Island. It felt like an episode of “2NE1 TV”. (Except with a bit of alcohol.) Unfortunately, “DO YOU LOVE ME” didn’t get too much love. Even with all the promotion 2NE1 did to push the single, it only managed to accumulate over 600,000 downloads.

2ne1_missingyou2_kpop_650-430All of a sudden, 2NE1 went quiet. We saw them perform a couple of times, but that was it. We then heard that 2NE1 was attending the Mnet Asian Music Awards. Not only that, but they were to also perform their new single, “MISSING YOU”. Now we had heard some snippets of the songs, but only vocals, no instrumentals.

Well, 2NE1 went on to perform the song, another ballad. This one sounded different from the previous ballads, with its focus on piano and bass. With that, 2NE1 were back on top! “MISSING YOU” was the song of December 2013, going on to win 6 music show awards. (2 on Inkigayo, 2 on M! Countdown and 1 on Music Core.)

If 2013 ended like this, then we wondered how 2014 would go…


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