[ADMIN POST] What Went Wrong?: A Theory

grab00374Now that Minzy is officially out of YG Entertainment (Minzy is now in the process of possibly signing with another company), I think we can only wonder why she would leave. Then again, I think we all might know why. Let’s get to closely examining Minzy leaving 2NE1.

As we all know, Minzy decided not to renew her contract with 2NE1. It takes guts to leave a wildly popular group. Ultimately, I believe this had to do with the fact that Minzy wasn’t getting anywhere. Her other members had careers outside of 2NE1. CL has an upcoming album she plans to release in the States. Dara spent the first half of 2015 in web drama after web drama. The latter half of 2015 involved cameos in TV shows and a hosting gig. Bom was on hiatus. However, she was still in the studio.

Minzy basically spent 2015 updating her various social media accounts. We didn’t really see Minzy do anything until earlier this year. We saw her on W Magazine, and she walked the carpet at the Korean premiere of Joy.

Speaking of social media, now Minzy’s Twitter and Instagram updates with her compositions make sense. In some way, I think Minzy was not only using them as creative outlet, but because she couldn’t do this at the studio.

I also don’t think Minzy told her members that she was going to quit the group. (Notice how everyone was temporarily silent on their social media accounts.) If she had, I think they would’ve tried to intervene and figure out what was going on. Not saying that she would have stayed, but I’m sure they would have heard her out. Minzy probably thought she would look ungrateful if she were to say anything to the other members.

Once again, remember that this was NOT an overnight decision. I think Minzy probably had a hard time coming to said decision. I’m sure she was proud of her members, but felt that she was never gonna get to do anything on her own. It was either staying in 2NE1 without that opportunity, or trying things out on her own.

grab01512Shame on YG for wasting such talent. The girl has been at YG Entertainment for 12 years, and has nothing to show for it. Girl was apparently nothing more than an after-thought. I hope this bites him on the butt. (Not with 2NE1. Our girls have nothing to do with that. They deserve continued success, not matter what.) I hope Minzy has a flourishing solo career. Just so YG can see what he could have done, but decided not to do, with Minzy. Especially since she has been in 2NE1 for just shy of 7 years. (Her contract expired May 6th, 7 years after the releases of Fire.) That, and there are girls from groups who have the fraction of 2NE1’s popularity, and have been active for a fraction of the time, who have solo careers. It also goes without saying this girl has talent for days! Minzy can sing, dance and rap, as we have seen time and time again. To not have Minzy showcase her talent with her own work was a shame.

I think at the end of the day, we all took Minzy for granted. At least to some extent, anyway. I think SOME of the fans didn’t help. Not blaming them, but a lot of so called “fans” would end up being a bit too vocal when Minzy posted something they didn’t like. (Or something that didn’t address her group members.) Minzy is her own person. She was never obligated to post about her members if she didn’t want to. On the flip side, I’m sure Minzy saw comments from fans praising her talents. This probably got her to thinking about why she wasn’t advancing on her own. I think that we just expected her to stick around, when she wasn’t having her needs met.

Whatever happens now, I wish Minzy all the luck in the world. Minzy deserves to have something outside of 2NE1. We now look to Bom, CL, and Dara to continue on with 2NE1’s legacy this next comeback. I hope someday all our girls reunite (away from company conflicts) and slay again as four. (With or without new material. As long as they’re all on the same stage.)




Do take this writing lightly. I’m not an insider. I was just sharing my opinion.


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