[NETIZENS] Minzy Leaving 2NE1

[+2532] All the top girl groups are not complete T.T I don’t accept it!
[+2151] So MAMA was the last time……

[+2299] While waiting for Park Bom, we lost Gong Minzy at the same time
[+2104] Now, YG is not like that time when Se7en and Gummy were around, that kind of warm YG Family. I’m very glad that I experienced that time, when Family concerts end, everyone will be waving their hands singing Jinusean’s “Tell Me”. Now, a lot of crazy fans stan BB, I don’t expect them to know this, it’s already a wild wish that theu remember BIGBANG member’s names. No matter what, I hope that the little unnie that I love will live better, at least better than now.
[+1709] As expected it’s like this, if it’s a fake news that would have came out earlier and denied , actually I can understand Minzy, she has no solo activities and resources, I’m just sad that huge girl group is separated like this
[+1329] 2ne1, kara, SNSD, tara T.T T.T T.T none of them is complete now
[+1304] The 2 hugest girl group’s mountain is missing and edge, sour feeling
[+1272] Actually this is normal. A 94’er lady. She has no solo resources/connections, has potential but not even a solo, she’s been “digging legs” for 2 years. Oh wait, it should be that she has been “digging legs” from debut to now. She does not even has resources, it’s strange that she would not leave, her youth is being wasted? A top class girl group, hwaiting to both parties♥
[+912] Chrysanthemum can go die, really.

[+1031] I don’t believe the summer comeback, if not Minzy will lose these few months?
[+875] Didn’t expect that MAMA team complete is actually the last T.T T.T T.T
[+829] T.T At this point, Korea’s top 4 girl groups, none of them is complete
[+855] The big 3 companies front girl groups are not complete T.T
[+530] YG is also starting to have people who leave groups, Chrysanthemum Yang should reflect on it. The YG family in the past is really harmonious and happy. The YG Special in Strong Heart is the best line-up. Now? Pushing the new boy groups that is half-popular but not so popular, how long have the new girl group been held back? All the artistes under the label only release albums every few years and non-stop concerts, hehe and why when pushing the new groups, they have to bring in the family cancer. YG’s unique style has long since not exist
[+484] I only know 21 and F(x) from the groups who debuted in 2009, F(x) withdrawed 1 and now Minzy also left
[+464] MAMA stage is the last stage for the 4 girls *bye bye emoji*
[+362] YG already has no family love now *bye bye emoji” 2nd generation groups *bye bye emoji*
[+406] The glory of the 2nd generation groups ended with the withdrawal of Minzy

Source: 2NE1BUZZ


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