[PRESS PHOTOS] Minzy At The Joy VIP Premiere (March 2, 2016)

A/N: Alright, Minzy! May this be the start of many more red carpet appearances to come!

9418e6481bd20fad759bdf1ab6819775 201603022019112810_12016030201000122000007671

2016030219484219434-540x811  2016030219484716644-540x811 d9e6c72f98317ed1d9ba24020e826702 d42934d71bbfbddb7eedb37404fe7e52  image_readtop_2016_165007_14569162452380629 201603022019112810_2image_readtop_2016_164984_14569157142380598image_readtop_2016_164990_145691589723806132016030219484516817-540x811 image_readtop_2016_164988_14569158162380610 image_readtop_2016_164981_14569156632380595   201603021948442810_1 201603021948442810_2

Source: BNT (1 2 3)|Ten Asia|Sports Seoul|MBN Star (1 2 3 4 5)|Newsen (1 2)


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