[ARTICLE] Top 10 Of 2NE1’s Illest Performances


10. ‘Hate You’ Aug. 4th, 2011

“Hate You” has a lot of charisma and in-your-face attitude, just like this stage! The live was strong, impacting and definitely made use of their lyrics! The ladies were rocking some awesome styles and their scenes of pushing around guys just gives that added oomph the song really pushes.

9. ‘Falling In Love’ M! Countdown Comeback Stage

This stage makes it easy for you to ‘fall in love’ with 2NE1! The girls are casual, having fun and stripped away from their edgy spikes and rough leather image! They have a lighthearted atmosphere and bring a fun vibe to a sweet song! The set is not to be believed as well!

8. ‘Crush’ Concert Finale

“Crush” is another epic piece of 2NE1 history! Their boss gold accented military outfits hype up their bad girl concept and you can clearly see the fans are loving every moment of it (those fangirl screams are unreal!). Their stage is dark and moody and their vocals are louder than ever! This stage was definitely a concert highlight!

7. ‘I Don’t Care’ (rock ver.)

Who doesn’t want to see the bad ass rock and roll style of 2NE1? Aside from their super fly, hip hop/R&B image, the girls know how to let loose and have fun and didn’t think twice about doing it for this live! They have raw, crisp vocals and really did a great revamp for this show! Plus it is awesome seeing them rock out and head bang on stage!

6. ‘It Hurts’ New Evolution in Seoul

A deep song that captures the hearts of many! 2NE1 really have a unique sense for singing love songs, and “It Hurts” was beautifully done! I love the simplistic feeling from this song, leaving their rich vocals to shine throughout the stadium! Their golden dresses are like magic as they sing into mics intertwined by glowing tree branches.

5. ‘I Am The Best’ YG Family World Tour

This performance definitely lets people know 2NE1 are still and always the best! They owned the stage with their fierce motorcycle intro and definitely rocked the show with their powerhouse vocals! 2NE1 are undeniably a flashy group, and this live proves it!

4. ‘Missing You’ & ‘ Do You Love Me’ Gayo Daejun

This beautiful song was done magically as the girls appear on the steps and sing their hearts out into the mic! Although they bring they flair and fun back onto the stage with “Do You Love Me”, their set for “Missing You” along with their amazing fashion sense really make it a remarkable live performance!

3. ‘Come Back Home’ Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook

‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook’ is the go-to show to get personal insight on your favorite idols! Plus the mic quality is by far the best! You can really hear their effortless vocals, and their live stage was flashy and fun with the flickering lights and backup dancers! 2NE1 perform so close to the audience that it is definitely an unforgettable experience for any die-hard fan!

2. ‘Lonely’ MAMA Singapore

The girls really set the stage with their unique props! They inner glass casings and emotional song really touched the hearts of many! 2NE1 really out shined their other performances with the value of this stage! Don’t forget the added bonus of “I Am The Best”!

1. ‘Fire’ MAMA Awards

You can’t forget what started it all! This performance of “Fire” is legit fire as it was awesome to see the girls come together on stage since CL is busy due to her hectic American/solo schedules. They rocked the show at MAMA and the back up dancers made this stage even more hardcore! The baddest females show they are still on top of their game!

Source: allkpop

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