[ADMIN POST] 2015: The Year With Minzy


2015: The Year With Minzy

You could say 2015 was a quiet year. No come back from 2NE1, and not even any solo music. But that doesn’t mean our girls sat idly. (For the most part, anyway.) Minzy least of all. In fact, it seems that Minzy had quite the eventful year! So today, we shall go back in time and recap all that Minzy has done in 2015.


                The first time we saw Minzy out and about, she (along with Dara) went to a Briquette Volunteer Event. It was even said that Minzy carried those briquettes with ease! Just goes to show you Minzy’s physical strength.


                Then, we got an Instagram Update of Minzy wearing quite the fitted Alexander Wang X H&M Dress. This same collection 2NE1 wore when they attended Alexander Wang’s launch party back in November of 2014.


                A couple of days later, Minzy was spotted at Incheon Airport with her mother. Why? Where was she going?



Well, as it turned out, Minzy had gone to Los Angeles! Boy, were there plenty of Instagram updates! Minzy visited a bunch of friends (both old and new), and at one point, was even a barista.

@karonlynntv class 🙂 Yey! Move your body! M-I-N-Z-Y M-I-N-Z-Y 🙂

A post shared by MINZY (@_minzy_mz) on

Minzy sharpened her dancing skills. Of course, Minzy mastered every dance like a champ!


Minzy even met some wonderful young dancer friends. They, just like Minzy, are very talented individuals!



                And who could forget Minzy’s birthday? Minzy, along with her mother, celebrated with a dinner while we wished her well on Twitter.



2-01   February was mostly a nice continuation of January, with Minzy showing off new dance moves and hanging out with friends. Of course, this time, we met one of Minzy’s new friends!

Not to mention Minzy got into composition, showing off her work on social media.


If you were wondering about that Alexander Wang dress from January, you’re in luck. Mid-February, Adidas unleashed their official photos for their Originals Superstar Collection. Did Minzy look good, or what?

Minzy continued to dance, working with the likes of Antoine Troupe, Harrison Evans, and Jojo Gomez.

Alas, Minzy had to go back to the homeland sometime, and she did on February 19.




3-01March was a much calmer month, with Minzy continuing her compositions, being a fashionista, and hanging out with loved ones.




In April, it seems that Minzy was out and about, just doing her own thing. Whether it supporting her seniors, going to school or keeping us updated on daily life, Minzy never forgot to do this in style!

CDAVHMpVEAIp8PNNot to mention Minzy started up her own blog! Exclusively for Japanese Blackjacks, some of them were nice enough to share her updates with international fans!



11282085_1624585851086308_1728596094_nOnce again, Minzy was keeping herself busy. Minzy was spotted (Looking gorgeous!) at the Louis Vuitton Series 2 Exhibition.

11267358_1610180405892793_1553843387_nShe might have been alone when celebrating2NE1’s 6th anniversary, but Minzy made sure not to leave any Blackjack out of her thank you speech.

CFRxQlqWoAAZNaDMinzy even expanded her social media horizons by opening a Weibo account!




June was also pretty quiet, but Minzy was still seen. Minzy even reunited with some pals for some time with the family.



11356622_851550164936865_1616066654_nJuly was a wonderful month. It seemed that Minzy blossomed. She looked very confident, and thus, very pretty!

11373844_142018499465356_1588665514_n0066QzBNjw1eude4ym1aoj30no0vz7fwAnd of course, Minzy just had to go back to Los Angeles! We were then treated to Minzy looking wonderful!

We also got to see her in dancing form, as she went back to learn from the best.


11820524_1631953773728463_448139981_n11349370_862133330541163_1842144583_n11850355_426685780857238_720785060_nMinzy continued her wonderful adventures in the States while reuniting with some of her new friends.

11917768_1636524013298902_1379772655_nShe also let us know she was working on something…



11910144_903929843016926_1626724088_nMinzy was now back in the homeland and keeping a low profile.

11376387_949475135123849_2032582423_nOnce again, she let us know something was up her sleeve.

12063153_166280203711399_618336961_nCP92LjLUAAA97cdThen, out of nowhere, Minzy surprises us with a Q&A! That’s right. Several lucky people on Instagram got the opportunity to have their questions answered by Minzy herself.



12142208_503344813168417_427252414_n11887139_1220142981345816_1921803678_nWe saw a whole lot more of Minzy in October. She, along with several of her YG Entertainment colleagues were seen at fellow colleague Mithra Jin’s wedding.

12093586_1495594964074321_1690179549_nWe then saw the Real Maknae and the Fake Maknae supporting their juniors iKON by going to their first concert.

12080500_467320266810181_2104469197_nThen, some big news came: Minzy opened up her own dance academy! (It’s only fitting that such a passionate dancer would open up a place that inspires others just like her to dance.)

After that, Minzy decided to bring back an old favorite, Minzy TV. And boy she did not disappoint! (Hopefully, she continues to put out new episodes next year.)



11934901_1486435784996269_136136320_nNot too much happened in November. However, our maknae did help to celebrate Dara’s birthday.

12277533_477376319132007_1902223274_n12292638_186519311692822_2026934430_n-1Minzy also visited her dance academy, and hung out with friends.


Boy, were we in for a surprise! 2NE1 made quite the appearance at the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards! (I’m sure all fans appreciated this performance.)

12-01grab13038Of course, the girls killed it, like they always do. Especially considering the fact the girls didn’t get the chance to rehearse.

0066QzBNgw1ezgmejxw4kj30ku0rswmc12327928_159760881053918_515236000_nOther than that, Minzy’s been laying low, updating us every once in a while and hanging out in her dance academy.

What’s to come for next year? No one knows. But one thing’s for certain: whatever Minzy does in 2016, she’ll do it with style and grace! Happy New Year!


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