[ARTICLE] 2NE1’s ‘I Am The Best’ Is Used In Viral Dance Video


I Am The Best,” which is arguably 2NE1‘s most popular song thus far (at least in terms of YouTube view count and people’s widespread knowledge of it), has popped up once again in the western hemisphere, this time for a choreography video orchestrated by Janelle Ginestra

“I Am The Best” was used for a short video featuring talented young dancersLarsen Thompson and Taylor Hatala showcasing powerful moves choreographed by Janelle Ginestra. “I’m the Best” plays in the background for a short 40-something seconds, to which the dancers execute swift, almost knife-like sharp choreography. 

The costumes the girls are wearing during the part of 2NE1’s song (starting at 1:30 in video) seems to be distinctly ‘Asian’ but not ‘Korean’ including buns decorated with chopsticks, a Hanfu-inspired crop top, and simple black skirt and sandals. The makeup also derives some inspiration from the traditional Japanese style of cosmetics. 

The usage of the song clearly denotes 2NE1’s international popularity; if one recalls, the song was also used in the past year for Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 commercial

Source: allkpop

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