[ARTICLE] Meet YG Artists including BIGBANG, PSY, and 2NE1 in Hologram in China!!

news_img_psy_20150519(1)YG Entertainment (“YG”)’s leading artists including BIGBANG, PSY, and 2NE1 are meeting Chinese fans in a hologram concert.

YG has opened digital theme park “PLAY K-POP” where cutting-edge ICT including hologram and K-Pop contents are combined, on the 18 this month in Quzhou, China, for the first time in the country in cooperation with Next Interactive K Korea (“NIK”), with support from the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning.
NIK is a joint venture established by District Holdings, Co. Ltd., YG Entertainment, KT, and Paradise Group. It aims to produce and distribute next-generation tangible contents that combine ICT such as hologram, VR, and 3D, and entertainment contents such as K-Pop.
“PLAY K-POP” is part of “Peng You Project”, a joint project of Korea and China carried out the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning. It is the first-ever K-Pop digital theme park in China and the first-ever case of such content’s export to the country, so is expected to create another form of K-Pop craze in China.
Singer PSY participated in the opening ceremony for “PLAY K-POP Hall” in Quzhou, to do tape-cutting and hand-printing. He also caught the eyes of attendees, seeing around the hall and watching holograms with local fans.
“PLAY K-POP” is an indoor digital theme park that boasts digital attractions and MD shops where K-Pop fans can see hologram performances and K-Pop artists in a tangible way. In “PLAY K-POP”, BIGBANG’s “FANTASTIC BABY” and “BAD BOY”, 2NE1’s “I’M THE BEST” and “FIRE”, PSY’s “GANGNAM STYLE” and “GENTLEMAN”, as well as G-DRAGON’s special concert “AWAKE” will be shown.
Plus, visitors of “PLAY K-POP” can take part in realistic 4D hologram concerts that combine super-realistic holographic images and projection mapping, as well as in performances by using their own photos taken beforehand or images transmitted in real time during the performance. In addition, visitors can also communicate with artists through a variety of digital attractions, with MD products of such photos and videos available for them.
Furthermore, there is an analogue exhibition in “PLAY K-POP” as well, where costumes, props, and stage devices used by artists for concert are exhibited and fans can see those stars’ hand-print and standing photos of real size.
Beginning from 1,500m2-big theme park “PLAY K-POP” in Quzhou, China, YG and NIK will continue their expansion in China by opening a theater-type hologram concert hall in Beijing Olympic Stadium by the end of May. Then, super-large digital theme park with 1300m2 of area will be opened in Jungmun Tourism Complex in Jeju Island, Korea, by the end of June this year. The two companies will go on to spread and promote K-Pop and Korean Wave contents, by opening the theme parks overseas continuously, in China, Japan, and Southeast Asian countries.
YG already presented the hologram performance of PSY and 2NE1 in “K-Pop Hologram Hall” in Everland located in Young-in, Gyeonggi-Province, Korea, in July 2013, as well as BIGBANG and G-DRAGON’s hologram concert at “Klive” located in Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, in January and April in 2014, which created big sensation.
Source: YG Family

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