[ARTICLE] YG Mentions 2NE1 In His New Book (April 5, 2014)

Yang Hyun Suk believes that 2NE1 will be an artist like BIGBANG, to be active for 9 to 10 years. However, his visions on 2NE1 isn’t just limited to 9 to 10 years, but further away. “I feel that it’s a very beautiful thing to be able to produce music till the age 60 years old, just like Madonna. This is what a real artist should be, to produce music till the day you die, isn’t it?” No matter the reason, it’s fresh to try this idea out with groups and not solo artists. As of now, globally, not many groups had tried this idea out except for a small number. However, if it’s successful, this is going to mark a new history in the entertainment industry.

Source: 闲着没事看韩娱
Translation: CHAERAUpdates

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