Fanaccounts From 2NE1 AON Concert in Seoul


I arrived at the venue and luckily, SK HandBall stadium is smaller than Olympic Stadium.. so I was able to see the stage well~!!!
They showed 2NE1 MVs through the screen and people started screaming!!!

Though I was among the seating area.. almost everyone around me were couples..
It was the last concert and there were disabled persons, couples, families…
It just means that 2NE1’s popularity captures all types of people… hahaha..!!!
But.. both sides from me where all couples..
There were couples who didn’t have any of 2NE1’s light sticks… OTL
It felt cold at first.. as if they were not fans???
There has to be a lot of fans everywhere so it’s everyone can crazily place… *boils of anger*…ㅋㅋ
Anyway!!!! Countdown began!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah…. just daebak…. what other words do we need!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was just daebak…
Ha.. didn’t know they’d perform so many of their new songs♥
I thought they were going to perform just COME BACK HOME and GOTTA BE YOU!!!!
They mostly sang their new songs so it was even more daebak…

Their outfits were super nice, too!!! All were cool!!!!!!!
The stages were super cool… bike, band… how can their stages be so cool…

As expected, if it’s live singing, then it’s 2NE1.. Their singing was soooo~~ good!!!
I kept hearing people around me say “they sing so well,” or “they’re so cute…”ㅋㅋㅋ
I felt so proud…

At first, I stood up and sang crazily and shook my lightstick and danced everywhere but…
the couple sitting on my left… they just sat… ha.. they were talking to each other….;;;;;
the couple on my right actually stood up and sang…
Their were people who just didn’t go with the vibe… I was annoyed..
But when CL said everyone should stand up, fortunately, they stood up, too…….ㅋㅋㅋ

Anyway, as long as I enjoyed, it’s all good~ the couple on my left seems like they experienced a new world..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Until now, my shoulder hurts…
Then I rested my voice…
It’s like I was the one performing.. even my legs were shaking…

Ah.. and the difference between their first and last concert!!!
There was an event!!!!
Before, it was a picket event.. but this time, during encore, if audience don’t say “let’s play more…” then audience will sing MISSING YOU~!!!ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Until 2NE1 comes back on stage, they kept repeating the ending part…ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Kept~ repeating it… when the song ended, someone would lead to start againㅋㅋ the audience laughed and sang again…
People around me kept saying Blackjacks were awesome because they repeatedly sang and laughed and made other people sing with them..ㅠㅠ
It was so touching~
CL came out and said it was so good and she sang it again with everyone… the moment from last concert!!!!!!

I wish they’d do an encore concert…….♥
I will go again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This album (CRUSH) was so good… really really… 2NE1, I love you♥

Source – Check the source for other pics

This concert was super good!!!!
They prepared really good stages for almost all their new songs.
It seems that they really prepared well for all the songs. There’s a reason why their songs and MVs came out a little late!
They revealed HAPPY MV, too and it wasn’t YG-like, it was so fresh/cute..
As expected.. Yangssa’s love for 2NE1

And, in the middle of the concert, Deuk-Don brothers danced semi-nude….
CL performed her solo TBF and MTBD and since she was with Deuk-Don brothers, my eyes were super busy….ㅜㅠ
There was a hole in CL’s stocking but she immediately ignored that and performed so powerfully and sexily, really, nothing else except “daebak, daebak” came out from my mouth
Unni… unni is the best….

Dara-unni was skinnier than before and I really wanted to feed her rice with fish on top. And her skin was daebak… of course, she had on make-up but you can tell she has such good skin.. she was very good with her fan service, too

There was a kid fan of Bom carrying a Bom light stick and Park Bom saw it and smiled at the kid. The kid got a MTBD and didn’t know what to do so Bom did a cute expression for the fan, she really cares for her fans, unni..
Now I know why you have so many fans…..ㅋ

While watching the concert today, no other thoughts came to me except that Minzy needs a solo
Honestly, she has the talent to have at least 2 solo albums by now….
She has crazy talent; rapping, vocals, dancing, and even giving energy to their stages;;;;;
Minji-ya~ unni cares for you the most!!!!

Translated by The BlackJack Table

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