2NE1’s Q&A from Blackjack Nolza Fan Club Event in Tokyo (December 12, 2014)

Q: Who is a crybaby?
Dara: Dara & Bom
Minzy: Dara & Bom
Bom: Dara & Bom
Minzy: They cry a lot
Host: Bom, do you cry a lot?
Bom: Ummm, when we receive awards or when I’m touched, I cry a lot.
Host: But normally, you don’t cry a lot.
Bom: I am not a crybaby.
Host: CL, you put yourself?
CL: I was wrong.
Host: It’s Dara and Bom?
CL: Yes. Probably.
Host: Bom, you put yourself and Dara?
Bom: Yes, but I’m not sure who cries more.
Host: What about Dara?
Dara: When I, for example, watch a movie alone, I cry, but if we were all together, I wouldn’t cry.
CL: That’s a lie! I’ve seen her cry.
Host: Maybe she’s just practicing her acting?
Dara: Yes, I’m pretty good at acting out tears. But I normally try not to cry.


Q: Who seems likely to carry an umbrella with them?
All: Dara
Host: Dara, it seems like you’re most likely to carry an umbrella with you.
Dara: I’m always prepared for everything. Inside my bag.
Host: You’ve got everything prepared inside your bag??
Dara: But I buy umbrellas.
Host: You buy?
Dara: If it starts to rain, I buy an umbrella at the convenience store.
Host: At the convenience store?
Dara: Because umbrellas are big.
Host : I guess it’s hard to fit an umbrella into your bag.
Dara: But I have everything (else).
Host: Everything except umbrellas? That’s kind of strange in itself.
CL/Dara: She’s Doraemon (A japanese anime character that can take out anything from its pocket).
CL: She always carries 4 toothbrushes in her bag.
Host: In her bag?
CL: As extra.
Host: She carries 4 toothbrushes in her bag as extra?
Dara: Yes, because…I love my members.
Host: Because you love your members”
Dara: So I prepare everything.
Host: You carry toothbrushes in your bag because you love your members? That’s amazing. Toothbrushes for your members.

Who is the one fans think is the most likely to carry an umbrella with them?
Host: Minzy!
Minzy: Thank you! I am a woman~
Host: So, do you carry an umbrella with you?
Minzy: Not really?
Host: She doesn’t really carry an umbrella,

CL: Um…who’s in last (for the ranking among fans)?
Host: You want to know who seems least likely to carry an umbrella?
CL: Yes.
Host: You want to know?
Bom: I don’t want to know!
CL: I want to know.
Host: Well…it’s Bom.
Bom: Why??

Source: rico t (1 2)
Translation: C4Z93 (1 2)

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