2NE1 sets Jakarta on fire with ‘All Or Nothing’ concert

“Welcome to our show. We’re 2NE1, and we ‘bout to go crazy tonight. Indonesia, are you ready?” – CL

June 8th, 2014 – The night Indonesian Blackjacks have been waiting for five solid years finally came. For the very first time, four-membered group 2NE1 set foot in Jakarta for their second World Tour, ‘AON: All Or Nothing’. 2NE1 members CL, Dara, Bom, and Minzy thoroughly went all or nothing through the concert’s four main segments, which were represented by the colors pink, white, red, and black.

2NE1 kicked off with a track from their latest album ‘Crush’ which instantly earned them a huge wave of cheers. They didn’t allow the high energy to wane the slightest as they continued to pump up the excitement with songs ‘Fire’ and ‘Clap Your Hands’. The image for the concert’s first segment, Pink for fierceness, was definitely shown during the next song ‘Pretty Boy’. In the midst of the performance, a huge battle tank model emerged and the girls got in to take a laser gun each, shooting the crowd with green lights which, if anything, attracted louder screams.

Turning the atmosphere around, 2NE1 then gracefully showed up on hanging swings in white attire to perform ‘Missing You’. The song was then followed by a chain of more ballads, ‘If I Were You’, ‘Come Back Home (Unplugged Version)’, and ‘Ugly’ for the White segment of the concert.

Enough with the slow pace, 2NE1 then came back again full force with more energetic songs. This time though, the songs are all conveying the message of love and are complemented with sexier choreographies. The highlight was during ‘I Love You’ when the members of 2NE1, accompanied by male back dancers, each performed a short solo dance.

Despite the fierceness they’ve shown during their performances, 2NE1 couldn’t help showing their cute sides during the ment. Dara said “I really want to go to Bali” and when Minzy asked “with who?”, she innocently replied “with my future boyfriend”, which caused the fans to go wild. Bom also multiplied the screams by tenfolds when she said “Do you guys love our songs? And do you guys love me? I love you too!”. Unfortunately, leader CL was absent from the ment as she was preparing for her solo stage. It was all dearly paid though, as she totally owned the stage with her solo songs, ‘The Baddest Female’ and ‘MTBD’.

The concert is slowly reaching its peak. Next songs were the group’s most popular hits. On top of everything  else was ‘I Am The Best’ which was performed on motorbikes. Not only did they got the fans screaming along to the lyrics they knew by heart, the whole crowd also jumped and danced all through the song.

“I’ll never forget tonight. I don’t know why it took us so long to come here.” said CL, which was followed by Minzy’s assurance that they’ll be back again as soon as possible. Sooner than everyone wanted to, the concert was coming to and end. The last two songs were rock version of ‘I Don’t Care’ and ‘Go Away’, which kept up the atmosphere high until the very last.

Not long after 2NE1 bowed their thanks and exited the stage, fans started chanting “We want more!” which earned them more songs for encore. During ‘Lonely’, 2NE1 showed how eager they were to get closer to their fans by visiting the Festival and Gold class to shake hands with fans. It seemed as if Indonesian fans left them such good memories that Dara said “I love you guys as much as Nasi Goreng (fried rice), and Indonesia is totally one of my favorite countries!” and CL said “This is the best first impression I’ve ever got.”

As if fatigue was nothing, 2NE1 then performed two more upbeat songs, “Gotta Be You” and “Can’t Nobody”. But unfortunately this time, it really was the end. Each members bowed and waved their goodbyes, then took their leave.

Without doubt, 2NE1 have secured a position in everyone’s heart not only as an ordinary idol group, but as true performers who went 200% on stage. Always, it’s all or nothing.

SOKOREAL.COM would like to sincerely thank Synergism Entertainment for the chance to cover this event!

Source: SoKoreal

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