2NE1 Discloses Performance of “GOTTA BE YOU” in “INKIGAYO” on the 6… Accelerating TV Performance for Their 2nd Full-length Album

[OSEN=김사라 기자] Girl group 2NE1 continues to appear on TV for their second full-length album, with performance of “GOTTA BE YOU”.

2NE1 is to continue their TV appearance with songs in their second full-length album, by disclosing the performance of “GOTTA BE YOU” on SBS “INKIGAYO” on the 6 this month.

Plus, they will disclose the music video of “GOTTA BE YOU” next week. 2NE1 caught eyes when they disclosed the music video of “COME BACK HOME”, for its mystical concept of virtual reality. Now, music fans are expressing high expectations for what kind of new appeal 2NE1 will show in the music video of “GOTTA BE YOU”.

“GOTTA BE YOU” is a cross-over music in which a unique synth sound in the introduction, rhythmical rapping, and a strong and exciting beat in the latter part are mixed together. The main part’s melody where MINZY and BOM powerfully cry “gotta be you” leaves a very strong impression.

2NE1 disclosed the stage and choreography video of “GOTTA BE YOY” in March and created sensation at that time. After coming back with their second full-length album, 2NE1 has been catching fans’ eyes and ears with their charismatic and powerful performance of “COME BACK HOME”. Now, 2NE1 is to show a bubbly and cheerful appeal with the performance of “GOTTA BE YOU”.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 is continuing performance of “GOTTA BE YOU” in Korea, while meeting Chinese fans on the 11th this month at Shanghai concert of 2NE1 world tour “ALL OR NOTHING”.

Source: YG-Life

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