2NE1 Had Its Share Of Crises

2NE1 debuted in 2009 and have since then successfully established their own personal color. They are a group that is so well loved worldwide, and have thus been able to hold a 2nd world tour. Their moves are always confident and fearless. Although they’re a group that’s on a roll, they’ve had their own share of crises as well.

“For the past 2 years we’ve released 3 singles. It’s a different feel than an album. It’s not as intense. I think we’ve overcome a difficult hump during those 2 years. It was a time of waiting, and we often felt frustrated. We’re thankful towards each other because each member has worked that much harder. It was a period where we could have failed, but we all persevered and each member did her responsibility. That’s why we were able to come this far.”

2NE1’s 2nd album Crush is especially meaningful to 2NE1. It’s their first full length album in 4 years, and unlike their 1st album which contained previously released singles, the 2nd album is filled with new songs. “For us this album is like our first official album,” they said.

More than anything the process of working on the album until the release of the final product was special.

“With this album release it feels like we’ve gotten rid of the heaviness we’ve felt until now. And in that process the members have gotten much closer. As we recorded the self-composed songs, it took much longer because there are 4 members, but it was a meaningful time for us. We realized and came to a deeper understanding that we can’t do it without each other, and have developed thankfulness toward one another and created many great memories.”

Their longing for the album was quite great. They wanted to showcase a new performance but they couldn’t, and they were saddened by the fact that they didn’t have any new songs to perform for their 1st world tour in 2012. That’s why the girls decided to perform their new song at their world tour Seoul concert instead of a TV broadcast for their comeback.

And because of their longing, they were even more careful. They were more nervous because of their fans’ expectations, and they wanted to present a completed album that can be recognized. Since the album was long-awaited, they focused on making 2NE1-esque music that wouldn’t be a letdown.

“Our greedy aspirations are what took a long time. We really liked all the songs on our last mini album, and we felt like this new album couldn’t be any less than that. For the 2 years we prepared this album, it felt like we were trainees once again. It was a time in which we couldn’t spent doing nothing, but we never let go and continually did something, and our efforts really show in this album, I think.”

They’ve also had realizations through this time. “There’s been no group like 2NE1 in the past, and there’s no group like 2NE1 now, and there won’t be a group like 2NE1 in the future.”

The group is also excited about this world tour. “There’s nothing as exciting as a concert. Our goal is to hold an encore concert in Korea to wrap up our tour. We need to work hard so that our fans will come see us in order for this to happen. In the long run, bumps in the road will find us unexpectedly, and when it comes we want to overcome it and stay with each other for a long time.”

Source:Kpop Starz

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