2NE1 Says, “Rivalry with Girls’ Generation? We Definitely Lose on Romance Issue”

[by Cho Suyoun] Members of 2NE1 shared their opinions about competitive composition with Girls’ Generation.
On February 14, bntnews interviewed girl group 2NE1 at Conrad Hotel in Seoul to commemorate the group’s new album release.
During the interview, CL said, “We admire how Girls’ Generation is loved by the public for this long period. The girls must have more experiences since they held on to this group for such long time. We always thought that it is truly amazing how each member is active in one’s own area.”
Then, Sandara continued, “I watched the comeback performance of Girls’ Generation a few days ago. Well, it’s difficult to compare us to them in details since each of us have different colors. Yet, Girls’ Generation is showing something we can’t.”
Prior to this, Girls’ Generation and 2NE1 each released new albums ‘Mr. Mr’ and ‘Crush.’ Thus, the two groups inescapably returned to screen in the same time. As many know, the two were considered rivalries ever since many years ago, and they were always compared on music charts.
When the members were asked about romance, CL replied with laughs, “We certainly are lagging behind on love. No one is dating right now unlike Girls’ Generation.”
“We don’t have so many chances to meet men and we don’t have men in our lives right now,” mentioned Park Bom. “Well, we have some guys at the agency, but they just seem like close friends, which is very bad. And Dara doesn’t really leave her home so that explains,” said CL.
“Now the agency people are worrying about our love life as well,” added Sandara regarding their long-term boyfriend-free period.

Meanwhile, 2NE1’s 2nd complete album ‘CRUSH,’ comprised of ten tracks including two title songs ‘Come Back Home’ and ‘Gotta Be You,’ was released in two versions: pink and black editions. Each version is composed of different photos that exude charms of the members.


Source: Yahoo Celebrity Philippines

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